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Birthstones are a fun, popular and colorful introduction to the world of gemstones. From the name Birthstones, we can predict that these stones are created by nature according to our Birth dates and months. Astrology and science both believe in the positive impact of birthstones. Birthstones provide spiritual benefits and turn down the negativity from the aura and spiritual healing and blessing. It is strongly believed that every stone brings fortune and good luck with good health to the wearer. The birth stones are not decided by the birth date but decided by the birth month of the year and with each month there are different birth stones that can be tried. We have available birthstones for all months of the year. The birthstones for each month are arranged on the page by month, with a picture of the birthstone and its name. For example, if your birth month is February, go with a beautiful violet cubic zirconia amethyst birthstone.

Birthstones and their vivid colors connect an individual’s birth month. These birthstones can forecast the person’s nature according to their birth month. Astrologers accept the fact that if individuals wear their birthstones, they may experience a positive impact on their lives.

Birthstones are beautiful jewelry pieces; you can wear them in any form, such as a ring, earring, pendant, etc. Most people are unaware that birthstones bring several spiritual benefits to one’s life. The birthstones can create a strong connection with your zodiac signs, so they are an effective source to heal your body, mind, and soul. As a result, they bring positivity to your body &mind. Therefore, if you also believe in astrology & science, you can buy your lucky birthstone from and fetch a good fortune in your life. We at have all birthstones associated with your birth month of the year. Still any queries, call us today. Tel & WhatsApp: +66959578072.

Gemstones By Month, Birthdate, and Zodiac Signs

January Birthstone

Garnet means dark red; it symbolizes various positive emotions. The word “garnet” is a Latin word that means seed and the reason behind it is that it resembles the red seeds of the pomegranate. This beautiful red stone is mined worldwide, and it signifies love, loyalty, faith, and compassion. According to astrology, it protects the wearer against evil spirits, disasters, and mental insanity. Additionally, wearers are blessed with fame and wealth. For this month, you can order any of these gemstones – Natural Garnet, Cubic Zirconia Garnet, Lab Created Garnet

February Birthstone

Amethyst is a birthstone of February. It is a type of Quartz, a beautiful blend of red and violet. You can find it in any corner of the world. According to ancient greeks, the stone protects the wearer from drunkenness and allows them to maintain a balanced mindset.

Amethyst is a lovely violet-purple gemstone. It has a beautiful shine and transparency about it. Ancient people consider its significant assistance in the treatment of drunkenness. Even though they say, the intoxicating effect will get lost if you drink wine from an Amethyst Stone cup. For this month, you can order any of these gemstones – Natural African Amethyst, Natural Brazilian Amethyst, Cubic Zirconia Amethyst, Lab Created Amethyst Quartz

March Birthstone

The birthstone for March is Aquamarine. March’s two birthstones, aquamarine, and bloodstone. They are incredibly different in appearance, yet they both have a reputation for preserving one’s well-being. The aquamarine birthstone evokes the colors of the sea.

Aquamarine signifies courage, friendship, and faithfulness. According to Astrology, this gemstone is popularly used for the wedding ceremony, especially for the 19th year of marriage. Additionally, astrologers associate it with the birth sign of Pisces and the planet Neptune. For this month, you can order any of these gemstones – Natural Aquamarine, Cubic Zirconia Aquamarine, Lab Created Aquamarine

April Birthstone

The diamond is the traditional April birthstone, and it has exceptional value for individuals born that month. Additionally, it provides improved connections and inner strength to the wearer.

Another benefit of wearing diamonds is that it brings balance, clarity, and abundance. It’s also a sign of eternal love, and those born in April will appreciate the history behind this unique stone. For this month, you can order any of these gemstones, Cubic Zirconia White AAA, Cubic Zirconia White 6A, Lab created Moissanite

May Birthstone

Emeralds are one of the most popular gemstones with one-of-a-kind qualities. Emeralds provide the wearer the ability to see into the future. Legends say that this birthstone protects wearers against evil spells if you place it beneath the tongue. Wearing an Emerald can help you talk more fluently. It was used to treat diseases like cholera and malaria in the days before modern medicine.

Emerald is associated with the heart chakra. According to experts, this precious stone provides therapeutic properties for both the physical and emotional heart. It improves unconditional love, unity, and friendship by bringing loyalty and enhancing unconditional love, unity, and friendship. Keep your Emerald birthstone close to help you maintain harmony in your relationships. For this month, you can order any of these gemstones – Natural Emerald, Cubic Zirconia Emerald Green, Lab Created Emerald, Lab Created Colombian Emerald, Nano Emerald, Lab Created Green Quartz

June Birthstone

There are three combined birthstones. June is one of only three months with three birthstones (there are also three birthstones in August and December). Pearl, moonstone, and Alexandrite are the birthstones for June.

Each June birthstone is a natural beauty, allowing you to choose from various stunning birthstones. Due to its variable costs and colors, a June birthday can be the most appealing choice for those looking for an antique stone in the same color and at a reasonable price. For this month, you can order any of these gemstones – Freshwater Pearls, Imitation Pearls, Lab Created Pulled Czochralski Alexandrite Color Change, Simulated Alexandrite, Cubic Zirconia Lavender

July Birthstone

Ruby is the king of valuable gems. It is a birthstone for those born in July. There’s no more fantastic gift than ruby gemstone jewelry to convey your love for someone born in July or commemorate a 15th or 40th wedding anniversary.

Vedic astrology states that ruby represents your body’s Manipura or Navel Chakra. It activates this chakra, which helps clear your thoughts of self-doubt and depression. Wearing this stone will give you more self-confidence and enthusiasm for life. For this month, you can order any of these gemstones – Natural Ruby, Lab created Flame Fusion Ruby, Hydrothermal Ruby, Pulled Ruby

August Birthstone

August is a lucky month since it features three gorgeous birthstones. Peridot, spinel, and sardonyx are the three gemstones to choose from whether you were born in August or are looking for an August birthstone.

Peridot: The peridot is well-known for its vivid lime green light. Its beauty can fascinate you through the depth of color and level of transparency.

Sardonyx combines alternating layers of sard and onyx—two types of layered mineral chalcedony—to create a reddish zebra-striped gemstone with white bands.

The spinel is often mistaken for other gemstones because it resembles either a ruby or sapphire. Some of the most famous rubies in history have turned out to be spinel. For this month, you can order any of these gemstones – Cubic Zirconia Peridot, Natural Peridot, Lab Created Peridot Quartz

September Birthstone

The September birthstone is sapphire – a gem cherished for thousands of years. Although sapphire usually refers to the blue variety of corundum (ruby is the red variety), this birthstone comes in a rainbow of other colors. For this month, you can order any of these gemstones – Natural Blue Sapphire, Cubic Zirconia Blue Sapphire, Lab created Blue Sapphire, Lab Created Blue Spinel, Natural Diffusion Blue Sapphire

October Birthstone

The smooth and brilliant Opal has been the birthstone for October. In recent years, the Opal has had to make way for the pink tourmaline, which has taken over as the alternate stone for October. Both stones are stunning, but they have little in common regarding color and history.

According to Indian Vedic astrology, the astrological gemstone of Venus (Shukra) is Opal. Venus represents wealth, luxury, passion, marriage, and worldly pleasures. In combination with diamonds, Opal is a powerful astrological gemstone for the planet Venus (Shukra). For this month, you can order any of these gemstones – Natural Opal, Lab Created Opal, Cubic Zirconia Pink, Natural Pink Topaz, Natural Pink Tourmaline

November Birthstone

Topaz and citrine, both birthstones for November, are abundant in most gem-producing regions worldwide. These magnificent stones exude nobility, but they are among the cheapest birthstones available today. They are lovely, valuable, and affordable.

Jupiter is the planet that governs yellow topaz. It is regarded as the jewel of harmony and hospitality. This lovely yellow-colored stone is a 23rd Anniversary gemstone that strengthens faith and optimism and is related to the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. For this month, you can order any of these gemstones – Natural Citrine, Cubic Zirconia Yellow, Hydrothermal Yellow, Lab Created Yellow

December Birthstone

December’s birthstones, tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise, are nothing compared to the winter blues. The birthstones for December are very affordable, but their beauty rivals that of priceless diamonds. Colorless zircon is a convincing alternative for diamond, tanzanite is frequently used in place of sapphire, and turquoise’s robin’s egg blue color is unrivaled. For this month, you can order any of these gemstones – Turquoise, Lab Created Blue Zircon