Lab Created Blue Zircon# 120


Synthetic spinel, was first produced accidentally during an attempt to make a satisfactory blue synthetic sapphire by the Verneuil process. Instead of blue sapphire they discovered synthetic spinels like Synthetic Blue Zircon These Synthetic Blue Zircon are exact copy of their natural counterparts. The real Blue Zircon stone is very expensive but the top quality synthetic blue zircon is very cheap in comparison. When you can find a synthetic stone just like the real stones for so low prices, why not choose the synthetic one?

Synthetic spinel is widely used because it is slightly softer than synthetic corundum, it can be fashioned more rapidly and less expensively. Secondly, several of the colors in which it is made are better imitation for a number of natural stones than those made in synthetic corundum

  • HARDNESS: 9 Moh’s Scale
  • DENSITY: 3.98 – 4.1 g/cm3
  • PURITY: 99.99%
  • MANUFACTURING PROCESS: Verneuil / Flame Fusion

Prices for Synthetic Blue Zircon/ Lab Created Blue Zircon are as below. The prices for different shades of Synthetic Blue Zircon like #119 and #120 will have the same prices as listed below. If you need the shapes and sizes that are not listed here then please e-mail me at

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