Pulled Czochralski Pink Spinel


Pulled Czochralski Pink Spinel – Lab Created Pink Spinel – Czochralski Pulled Pink Spinel

Chemical Properties

  • Chemical composition – Magnesium aluminium oxide, MgAl2O4
  • The degree of Hardness – 8 Moh’s scale
  • Material Refractive index – 1.710-1.728
  • Specific Gravity – 3.58-3.61

Crystal Pulling; Melt – Process

It’s a method that emerged after the 18th century. Nutrients are set to melt in a crucible. Synthetic crystals begin to grow on seed equipment dipped in the solution. When the crystal forming process hit at the endpoint, the seed crystal is slowly pulled from the solution as it continues to grow. The process continues until pulled pink spinel is at long last manufactured.


Synthetic uses and Healing

The aura gets purified and the enables the person to control the fatigue. It brings down the nervousness of the person and increases vitality. It gives the strength to find the ways to get out of depression syndrome. The person feels secure and stable as it heals the root and heart chakras of the body. It removes the sadness and depression from the person allowing to open the door for happiness.


  • In the medical industry;
  • Useful to people suffering chronic fatigue and conditions such as respiratory system inflammation and related infections.
  • Used as Talisman to transfer pleasure and affection of the giver to the subject individual for recognition.
  • In many European countries, valued as a remedy to restore peace in violence tormented atmosphere.
  • Given children as a gift noting who among relatives or friends, remember the affectionate love valued to the child.
  • It is effective in channelizing the kundalini energy effectively.
  • It creates the peaceful environment around the person and allows him to fight depression and stress.
  • A person becomes motivated towards its goal.
  • Develops the intellectualness within the person and opens the door of success.

Pulled Pink spinel virtually share all optical, physical and chemical characteristics with its NATURAL counterparts.

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