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What Are The Birthstones For Each Month?

Birthstones are colorful gemstones that carry unique meaning and historical significance. Since ancient times, they have been popular for their incredible powers,

White Sapphire Vs Diamond: Everything You Need To Know

It isn’t easy to differentiate between white sapphire and diamond, as both are beautiful and durable. Therefore, individuals must have several queries,

White Topaz Vs White Cubic Zirconia

White Topaz vs White Cubic Zirconia- The Best Diamond Substitutes Many stones are often tagged as ‘diamond substitutes’, but the reality is

Blue Topaz: What Makes Topaz Blue

The topaz, also known as the gemstone for 7th, 11th, and 25th years of wedding, appears in an extensive array of colors

The Writers Stone: Blue Topaz Symbolism & Usage

Blue Topaz is a naturally blue color precious and semi-precious gemstone available in different tones of blue. Whatever its color, Blue Topaz

A November Birthstone: What Does Topaz Stone Symbolize?

Topaz, also known as November Birthstone is a popular gemstone along with the world of ruby, diamond, and sapphires. Among one of

Amethyst Birthstone: Discover The Power And Transform Your Life

Amethyst has been highly praised for its mythical powers of soothing the mind & soul. It is popularly regarded worldwide as the

Moissanite Stone: A Substitute To Diamonds

Moissanite is a synthetic mineral, likewise called silicon carbide, which is used to substitute diamonds. The natural moissanite has a remarkable background,

Wonderful Cubic Zirconia Stones To Upgrade Your Beauty

Are you out of your budget? Looking for a diamond replacement for your engagement ring? Today, jewelry, such as diamond rings &