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Rough stones

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Know The Real Nature And Look Of Various Man-Made Rough Stones

Do you have business on gemstones? Then, you might have started searching for the man-made rough stones. The interesting thing is that the rough crystals have higher amount of energy than the smooth ones. Any process has not disturbed its natural and original vibrational energy.

Now, we are going to present you with the detailed information on these man-made rough stones. You will be able to buy the right ones for your customers.

The rough gemstones look similar to that of the polished stones, embedded in jewelries. For identifying any rough stone, you have to assess its luster, mineral qualities and streak. All gemstones have their unique qualities, and you have to check it out to buy one.

Color of the stones

Although the color intensity is not a factor to analyze the gem, you may still focus on it. For instances, in some man-made rough stones, you can find rectangular shaped banded blocks of various colors.

Streak of the rock

You have to rub the man-made rough stone across the unglazed component (ceramic tiles), and this will help you in checking the streak easily. Your piece of stone will leave some colorful powder, and we call it as the streak.

Luster of the stone’s surface

The luster indicates the surface qualities of the stone while reflecting light. The man-made rough stones may be greasy or dull, glasslike or shiny, silky or metallic.

We have made a list of some facet-grade stones


It is one of the purple colored gemstone, used to facet it into big stones. It is much like the quartz-like stone. However, it may not be easy for you to polish the type of stone.

Topaz Faceting Rough

This is another stone, available in various colors. You will also find blue tint in this stone. It can be faceted into a beautiful-looking bigger polished stone

Sapphire Faceting Rough

This is one of the costly rough stones, and thus, most of its piece are much small. While choosing the rough, you may buy one that offers the desired return. As its price is high, wastage is a factor to find out the value of the cut stone.

Cubic Zirconia Rough

With low heat-sensitivity and specific gravity of 5.7, Cubic Zirconia rough is available in various colors, including green, pink, peridot, yellow and blue. In the man-made faceting rough of Cubic Zirconia, there is Cubic Zirconia. For a high Refractive Index, you can find Cubic Zirconia to be a very attractive and beautiful cut gem. It is very easy to cut Cubic Zirconia. You can find isometric crystal structure of this rough stone.

Flame fusion rough

Flame fusion is one of the low-priced methods, and we rely on this process for man-made rough stones. It is a very common method to create the ruby stones at a reasonable rate.  The bright red colored ruby, symbolizing the sun, is useful for various purposes. There is also blue sapphire, created with the flame-fusion process.

Hydrothermal rough

Hydrothermal corundum and emerald rough stones have now become highly popular for making jewelries. We apply heat to create much hardness and quality. Get the eco-friendly, lead-free and nickel free rough stones, made of hydrothermal process. Look for the colorful gemstones rough for various applications.

Pulled Czchoralski rough

We choose Czochralski process for growing the silicon crystals. It is a time-consuming method for creating the gemstone rough. We offer higher quality, larger sized finished gemstones. Crystals may be of different sizes, and you can choose the right one for your purpose.

There are various man-made rough stones for you-

  • All the man-made ruby stones have some inclusions and imperfections, related to color. Gemologists apply the needle inclusions, present in the original ruby for distinguishing them from the man-made ones. However, the pre-polished rough stones do not have surface impurity.
  • Quartz is another useful stone to the gemologists. For making the synthetic quartz, the researchers use pure silicon dioxide. You can find green and blue synthetic quartz.
  • Pulled Alexandrite rough stones look for the natural or original mined stones 

Thus, the rough stone are of different qualities and standards and they have various properties. Find the details for choosing the right rough stone for your own purpose.

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