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    Fancy shapes in CZ & Created gems

    • We can cut all the shapes listed in this category in Cubic Zirconia, Lab Created gemstones, Hydrothermal Quartz, Nano Crystal and Glass gemstones.
    • Available sizes are 5-15mm
    • No stock for these items. We only do made-to-order
    • If you do not find the shape/cut listed here then please send us a picture of the shape/cut you need.
    • Please send us an email to [email protected] to get price quotation.


    1 Round Concave

    cz Round Concave1
    cz Round Concave2

    2 Heart Concave

    cz Heart Concave1
    cz Heart Concave1

    3 Square Concave

    cz Square Concave1
    cz Square Concave2

    4 Trillion Concave

    cz Trillion Concave1
    cz Trillion Concave2

    5 Pear Concave

    cz Pear Concave1
    cz Pear Concave2

    6 Oval Concave

    cz Oval Concave1
    cz Oval Concave2

    7 Octagon Concave

    cz Octagon Concave1
    cz Octagon Concave2

    8 Marquise Concave

    cz Pear Concave1
    cz Pear Concave2

    9 Flower Cabs – Concave

    cz FlowerCabs Concave1
    cz FlowerCabs Concave2

    10 Round Checker board

    cz Octagon Concave1
    cz Round Checkerboard2

    11 Square Checker board

    cz Square Checkerboard2
    cz Square Checkerboard1

    12 Square Cross Concave

    cz Square CrossConcave1
    cz Square CrossConcave2

    13 Round Millennium Cut

    cz Round MillenniumCut1
    cz Round MillenniumCut2

    14 Round Hexagon Facet

    cz Round HexagonFacet1
    cz Round HexagonFacet2

    15 Antique Checker board

    cz Antique Checkerboard1
    cz Antique Checkerboard2

    16 Round Chess cut

    cz Round Chesscut1
    cz Round Chesscut2

    17 Round Chess cut

    cz Round Chesscut3
    cz Round Chesscut4

    18 Round Step cut

    cz Round Stepcut1
    cz Round Stepcut2

    19 Round Cab Flower Drawing

    cz Round CabFlower1
    cz Round CabFlower2

    20 Round Cabs Leaf Drawing

    cz Round Cabs Leaf1
    cz Round Cabs Leaf2

    21 Heart Checker Board

    cz Heart Checker Board1
    cz Heart Checker Board2

    22 Round Step cut

    cz Round Stepcut1
    cz Round Stepcut2

    23 Round Hexagon Top-Concave

    cz Round Hexagon Top1
    cz Round Hexagon Top2

    24 Oval Checker board-Concave

    cz Oval Checker board1
    cz Oval Checker board2

    25 Oval Checker board

    cz Oval Checker board3
    cz Oval Checker board4

    26 Oval Checker board

    cz Oval Checker board5
    cz Oval Checker board6

    27 Baguette Checker board

    cz Baguette Checker board1
    cz Baguette Checker board2

    28 Cushion Checker board

    cz Cushion Checker board1
    cz Cushion Checker board2

    29 Marquise Checker board

    cz Marquise Checker board1
    cz Marquise Checker board2

    30 Octagon Millennium Cut

    cz Octagon Millennium Cut1
    cz Octagon Millennium Cut2

    31 Millennium Cut

    CZ Millennium Cut1
    CZ Millennium Cut2

    32 Square Cross Concave

    cz Square Cross1
    cz Square Cross2

    33 Baguette Cross Concave

    cz Baguette Cross1
    cz Baguette Cross2

    34 Round Double side Checker board

    cz Round Doubleside Checkerboard1
    cz Round Doubleside Checkerboard2

    35 Round Double side Checker board – With hole

    cz Round Doubleside Checkerboard hole1
    cz Round Doubleside Checkerboard hole2

    36 Baguette Double Side Checker board

    cz Baguette DoubleSide Checkerboard1
    cz Baguette DoubleSide Checkerboard2

    37 Rhomb Double side

    cz Rhomb Double side1
    cz Rhomb Double side2

    38 Mango Double side Checker board

    cz Mango Doubleside Checkerboard1
    cz Mango Doubleside Checkerboard2

    39 Pear Double Side Checker board

    cz Pear Doubleside Checkerboard1
    cz Pear Doubleside Checkerboard2

    40 Buff Top Round

    cz Buff Top Round1
    cz Buff Top Round2

    41 Buff Top Oval

    cz Buff Top Oval1
    cz Buff Top Oval2

    43 “V”

    cz v1
    cz v2

    44 Square Invisible cut-9 Parts

    cz Square Invisible cut91
    cz Square Invisible cut92

    45 Star

    cz star1
    cz star2

    46 – 3 Color Round

    cz 3 Color Round1
    cz 3 Color Round2

    47 – 3 Color Oval

    cz 3 Color Oval1
    cz 3 Color Oval2

    48 – 3 Color Oval-Flat Bottom

    cz 3 Color Oval flat1
    cz 3 Color Oval flat2

    49 – 3 Color Baguette – Flat Bottom

    cz 3 Color Baguette flat1
    cz 3 Color Baguette flat2

    50 – 4 Color Round

    cz 4 Color Round1
    cz 4 Color Round2

    51 – 4 Color Heart

    cz 4 Color Heart1
    cz 4 Color Heart2

    52 – 4 Color Square

    cz 4 Color Square1
    cz 4 Color Square2

    53 – 4Color Trillion

    cz 4 Color Trillion1
    cz 4 Color Trillion2

    54 – 4 Color Flower Fancy

    cz 4 Color Flower1
    cz 4 Color Flower2

    55 – 4 Color Oval

    cz 4 Color Oval1
    cz 4 Color Oval2

    56 – 4 Color Oval Millennium

    cz 4 Color Oval Millennium1
    cz 4 Color Oval Millennium2

    57 – 4 Color Baguette Princess – Concave

    cz 4 Color Baguette1
    cz 4 Color Baguette2

    57/1 – 4 Color Oval

    cz 4 Color Oval3
    cz 4 Color Oval4

    57/2 – 4 Color Heart Checker Board

    cz 4 Color Heart3
    cz 4 Color Heart4

    57/3 – 4 Color Cushion

    cz 4 Color Cushion1
    cz 4 Color Cushion2

    57/4 – 4 Color Square

    cz 4 Color Square1
    cz 4 Color Square2

    57/5 – 4 Color Oval

    cz 4 Color Oval5
    cz 4 Color Oval6

    57/6 – 4 Color Round

    cz 4 Color Round3
    cz 4 Color Round4

    57/7 – 4 Color Briolette

    cz 4 Color Briolette1
    cz 4 Color Briolette2

    57/8 – 4 Color Octagon

    cz 4 Color Octagon1
    cz 4 Color Octagon2

    57/9 – 4 Color Fancy

    cz 4 Color Fancy1
    cz 4 Color Fancy2

    57/10 – 4 Color Oval

    cz 4 Color Oval7
    cz 4 Color Oval8

    57/11 Spinner


    57/12 Heart & Arrow


    58 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant1
    cz pendant2

    59 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant3
    cz pendant4

    60 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant5
    cz pendant6

    61 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant7
    cz pendant8

    62 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant9
    cz pendant10

    63 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant11
    cz pendant12

    64 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant13
    cz pendant14

    65 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant15
    cz pendant16

    66 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant17
    cz pendant18

    67 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant19
    cz pendant20

    68 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant21
    cz pendant22

    69 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant23
    cz pendant24

    70 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant25
    cz pendant26

    71 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant27
    cz pendant28

    72 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant29
    cz pendant30

    73 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant31
    cz pendant32

    74 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant33
    cz pendant34

    75 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant35
    cz pendant36

    76 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant37
    cz pendant38

    77 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant39
    cz pendant40

    78 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant41
    cz pendant42

    79 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant43
    cz pendant44

    80 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant45
    cz pendant46

    81 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant47
    cz pendant48

    82 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant49
    cz pendant50

    83 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant51
    cz pendant52

    84 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant53
    cz pendant54

    85 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant55
    cz pendant56

    86 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant9
    cz pendant10

    87 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant11
    cz pendant12

    88 Double Star

    cz Double Star1
    cz Double Star2

    89 Sunflower

    cz Sunflower1
    cz Sunflower2

    90 Hexagon Sun Flower

    cz Hexagon SunFlower1
    cz Hexagon SunFlower2

    91 Eight Point Star

    cz Eight Point Star1
    cz Eight Point Star2

    92 – 8 Point Start

    cz Eight Point Star3
    cz Eight Point Star4

    93 Square 12 Points

    cz Square 12 Points1
    cz Square 12 Points2

    94 Round Cabochon

    cz Round Cabochon1
    cz Round Cabochon2

    95 Oval Cabochan

    cz Oval Cabochan1
    cz Oval Cabochan2

    96 Oval Cabs

    cz Oval Cabs1
    cz Oval Cabs2

    97 Marquise Cabs

    cz Marquise Cabs1
    cz Marquise Cabs2

    98 Pear Cabs

    cz Pear Cabs1
    cz Pear Cabs2

    99 Beads Faceted

    cz Beads Faceted1
    cz Beads Faceted2

    100 Ball With Hole

    cz Ball With Hole1
    cz Ball With Hole2

    101 Ball Without Hole

    cz Ball Without Hole1
    cz Ball Without Hole2

    102 Briolette Faceted

    cz Briolette Faceted1
    cz Briolette Faceted2

    103 Briolette Cabs

    cz Briolette Cabs1
    cz Briolette Cabs2

    104 Briolette Concaves

    cz Briolette Concaves1
    cz Briolette Concaves2

    105 Briolette Checker Board Flat Bottom

    cz Briolette Checker1
    cz Briolette Checker2

    105/1 Briolette Cabs

    cz Briolette Cabs3
    cz Briolette Cabs4

    105/2 Briolette Faceted with Hole


    105/3 Briolette Faceted


    106 Round Diamond in Diamond

    cz Round in Diamond1
    cz Round in Diamond2

    107 Square Diamond in Diamond

    cz Square in Diamond1
    cz Square in Diamond2

    108 Round Diamond in Diamond

    cz Round in Diamond3
    cz Round in Diamond4

    109 Square Diamond in Diamond

    cz Square in Diamond3
    cz Square in Diamond4

    110 Tyre

    cz Tyre1
    cz Tyre2

    111 Tyre

    cz Tyre3
    cz Tyre4

    112 Asscher Cut


    113 Flanders Cut

    flanders cut 2
    flanders cut

    114 Mango Concave

    cz Mango Concave1
    cz Mango Concave2

    115 Leaf

    cz Leaf1
    cz Leaf2

    116 Fancy leaf

    cz Leaf3
    cz Leaf4

    117 Half Ring Chess Cut

    cz Half Ring Chess Cut1
    cz Half Ring Chess Cut2

    118 Half Ring Plain

    cz Half Ring Plain1
    cz Half Ring Plain2

    119 Cube

    cz Cube1
    cz Cube2

    120 Cylinder Cab

    cz Cylinder Cab1
    cz Cylinder Cab2

    121 Cylinder Faceted

    cz Cylinder Faceted1
    cz Cylinder Faceted2

    122 Half Moon

    cz Half Moon1
    cz Half Moon2

    123 Half Moon

    cz Half Moon3
    cz Half Moon4

    124 Fancy Bridge

    cz Fancy Bridge1
    cz Fancy Bridge2

    125 Butterfly

    cz Butterfly1
    cz Butterfly2

    126 Bird

    cz Bird1
    cz Bird2

    127 Fancy

    cz Fancy1
    cz Fancy2

    128 Drum Faceted

    cz Drum Faceted1
    cz Drum Faceted2

    129 Drum Cabs

    cz Drum Cabs1
    cz Drum Cabs2

    130 Drum Faceted

    cz Drum Faceted3
    cz Drum Faceted4

    131 Radiant


    132 Eye Stone


    133 CZ Pendant

    cz pendant57
    cz pendant58



    Cubic Zirconia, all kind of Synthetic gemstones and Natural gemstones available here

    Here are the list of basic shapes that we make