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Lab Created White Sapphire/ Created White Sapphire / Synthetic White Sapphire

Lab Created White Sapphire comes under the category of Synthetic Corundum. These white gemstones are made by a method called Flame Fusion.They are made in such a way that they look like Natural gemstones. These Lab Created White Sapphires will have same chemical properties of the real stones. They will have the same hardness, density and appearance like the Natural White Sapphire. Only a trained eye can make out the difference between the two

The most common Corundum colors are Blue Sapphire and Ruby but we can also supply you White Sapphire, Orange Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire and Alexandrites in all shapes and sizes. Like sapphire, ruby gems are corundums. Thus, when speaking of colored sapphires, there are no “red sapphires”; instead, these are culled “rubies”. So, find the sapphire sale at our jewellery store.

Cubic zirconia (CZ) has been a favorite white synthetic gem stone for many years, due mainly to its brilliance and lower cost compared to diamonds. However, we believe that our lab created white sapphire may offer advantages over CZ. In a comparison of white sapphire vs. cubic zirconium, white sapphire is harder, making it more scratch and wear resistant than CZ. In addition, lab created white sapphire maintains its whiteness and brilliance over time, whereas CZ is known to lose its color and become dull appearing.

Gems n Gems Lab Created White Sapphire:

Since natural white sapphire is rarely available in white gemstones in the market, it is safe to presume that all of the white sapphire jewellery you see in our online/offline shops have been created in a laboratory by expert gemologists. Some of the first synthetic or lab-grown white gemstones were sapphires and rubies. Shop the sapphire sale from our exclusive jewellery store now.

The chemical properties of these stones are

  • HARDNESS: 9 Moh’s Scale
  • DENSITY: 3.98 – 4.1 g/cm3
  • PURITY: 99.99%
  • MANUFACTURING PROCESS: Verneuil / Flame Fusion

Prices for Lab Created White Sapphire/ Synthetic White Sapphire are as below. If you need the shapes and sizes that are not listed here for the sapphire sale, then please e-mail me at INFO@GEMSNGEMS.COM

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