Natural Pink Topaz

Pink Topaz

Natural Pink Topaz

Topaz is an aluminum silicate that includes fluorine and hydroxyl. In its clean form it is colorless. Impurities are due to difference in color. Topaz has a record that goes back two thousand years in the past. In the Egyptian times, topaz is used when the Egyptians considered the idea that golden shade is found from the yellow topaz from the Sun God. But “topaz” is an English word as believed by other people, that was started off from the Old French word “Topace” and Latin “Topazus”.

Topaz is very popular and durable gemstone as its available in a wide range of colors like white topaz, blue topaz, imperial topaz.. Although topaz is often linked with a golden yellow color but the rarest are pink, red, and then are yellow and orange. Colorless topaz are considered low in value. Natural Pink Topaz are particularly trendy with mineral collectors. They have the importance of a mineral specimen and the value of a gem material.

Natural pink topaz can be obtained from Brazilian deposits and the pink and red are color obtained because of the chromium available into it thus giving it to the natural pink bright color which will generate under certain heating temperature.

Real topaz is started in the form of neutral to yellow, orange, red or brown, and is sometimes delighted by irradiation to make blue colors. Today, golden yellow topaz and pink topaz color are the most precious and available ones. The prime Brazilian topaz crystal always found of an orange color seemingly considered 5×27 cm and weighed almost 2kg. The shape of this natural Pink Topaz is elliptical surface.

Chemical properties

  • Chemical Formula: ‎Al2SiO4X2 ( X ‘component’ – F/OH)
  • Hardness: 8
  • Refractive Index: 1.61-1.63
  • Specific gravity: 3.4-3.6

Why Natural Pink Topaz?

  • Pink Topaz gemstone could be utilized to increase failing eyesight, and would place the stones on their eyelids as a kind of treatment.
  • Pink Topaz gemstone enhance your powers of communiqué and stir feelings of passivity.
  • Pink Topaz gemstone assist individuals get in stroke with their higher awareness and help the instinctive reach their holy guides.

This Pink Topaz has been in exercise as a beautify stone for various centuries now. It has an implication in the Christian history belonging to medieval age and linked to various codes in life. It is employed to present trust by signifying the womanhood and immaculate beauty & new found love.

A Versatile Gemstone

Natural Pink Topaz gemstone is used to produce superb, eternal pieces, but it also has lots of other uses. Whether you want to offer this stone as a present, or have keen interest in pink topaz or your needs are to mark something of a religious nature, it is influential stone to facilitate you.


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