Hydrothermal Yellow Sapphire

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Synthetic Yellow Sapphire – Lab Created Yellow Sapphire – Hydrothermal Yellow Sapphire

The Synthetic yellow sapphire is grown by Hydrothermal Method and are also known as – hydrothermal yellow sapphire having similar physical and optical properties as their natural counterparts.


A steel autoclave or bomb (in effect, a pressure cooker) is used. Hydrothermal yellow sapphire are grown in a sealed environment at very high temperatures and pressures. Seed crystal wafers (plates) of the desired material are hung in the upper portion of the vessel and lumps of powder of the desired material (nutrient) are placed in the bottom. The vessel is partially filled with water and sealed .Heat is applied from the base and the material dissolves in the water, forms as a supersaturated solution, rises to the top of the autoclave until all the available material has been deposited on the seed crystal wafers. Large well formed synthetic yellow sapphire are produced. Hydrothermal yellow sapphire in excess of eighteen inches in length and 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter are produced .The size of the end product depends mainly upon the seed water, the amount of feed solution, and the length of time involved.

 Hydrothermal Yellow Sapphire when compared with natural yellow sapphire is very difficult to distinguish as they have same physical and chemical properties, making hydrothermal better in every aspects when compared in terms of looks or affordability.

Hydrothermal Yellow Sapphire is far better process for creation than other lab processes as crystals exhibit very uniform color distribution, far less strain, and more natural-looking inclusions than synthetics grown by the other methods.

Chemical properties of sapphire are-

  • Chemical Formula -Al2O3
  • Color -White, Colorless, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Purple, Gray, Black, Multicolored
  • Hardness- 9
  • Refractive Index- 76 – 1.77
  • Transparency- Transparent to opaque
  • Mineral Class- Corundum


The lab created yellow sapphire is better than natural sapphire in all aspects, they are affordable than natural sapphire without compromising quality and are environment friendly as they are created in labs. There is potentially no physical difference between natural or synthetic yellow sapphire .And Here at gemsngems you will find the best hydrothermal yellow sapphire in terms of quality and affordability.


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