Natural Peridot



COLOR: Natural Peridot is oldest gemstone available in lovely Olive Green colour with slight hint of gold.

ORIGIN: Very fine specimens come from Burma, and new material from Pakistan has generated considerable excitement in the gemstone world. Arizona and New Mexico in the USA are important producers of commercial grade Peridot. Additionally, Vietnam and China have become increasingly important suppliers.

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: (Mg, Fe) 2SiO4 Magnesium Iron Silicate

CUT: Table and step cuts are very popular, as well as unconventional checkerboards. Peridot can be found in many shapes including fancies and traditional rounds, ovals, octagons and cushions.




FORMATION: Peridot comes from igneous environments. These gems are formed deep within the mantle of the earth, and are brought the surface by volcanic activity.

TREATMENTS: Peridots are usually not subjected to any treatments.

UNUSUAL PROPERTIES: Peridot is the birthstone of August. Peridot is both a day stone and a night stone, keeping its shining colour even under artificial lighting. For this reason, it is sometimes called “Evening Emerald”. It is known as a stone for prosperity and happiness. The vibration of this stone is high, high enough that even small Peridot stones have an energy that will easily be felt.

USAGE: Natural Peridot can make excellent daily-wear ring designs. For men, cuff-links, tie-tacks and pendants are great ideas. For women, bracelets, necklaces, bangles, pins, brooches and earrings can make stunning fashion jewellery accessories.

WHAT WE SUPPLY: Best quality Natural Peridot.

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