Natural Ethiopian Opal

Natural Ethiopian Opal

The hydrated form of the silica is Opal. The structure of opal is such way that it will diffract the light emitted on its surface. If you look closely you’ll find the rainbow-like structure appearing bedazzled when seen under the light. It was not very known before 2008, but later that year, it became very popular. The opal we sell in this section was discovered in the region of Ethiopia, as a result it was named as Ethiopian opal.

Ethiopian Opal is found on the rocks of water which makes the water its main constituent along with silica. The Ethiopian Opals are treated in labs to improve and enhance their colour by inducing them in sulphuric acid and with sugar solution thus generating carbon texture and colour quality.

The Opals are available in all different colours according to their properties. On the level of hardness, they are likely brittle as it ranges about 5-6 on mohs scale. The reason why they are very much liked by jewelers is because of their colourful appearance.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Chemical Formula : Si02-nH2O
  • Colour :Colourless, white, black, red, blue
  • Hardness : 5-6
  • Diaphaneity :opaque
  • Lustre : Subvitreous to waxy
  • Refractive Index :42-1.45
  • Specific Gravity  :  1.25-2.23

Synthetic Cure and Healing

The Top Quality Natural Ethiopian opal is famous for its mystical power which helps in stimulating the creativeness and channelizing the aura and purification. It contains the energy of both sun and moon that gives confidence and make aura appealing and also brings calmness. It brings the loyalty and faithfulness in the personality and makes the person creative and imaginative due to its water properties. Any negativity left in the person can be taken out with the help of this gemstone. It is said that it brings karmic excellence to the person. Its internal structure is diffractive, thus any negative that comes it radiates the phenomenon of diffraction and protects the wearer.   It improves the mental strength, water content in the body and strong memory power.


  • Ethiopian Opal boosts the whole body system by the property of its structure that emits rainbow colours under the light.
  • Ethiopian Opal is used for karmic excellence as it purifies the sins of previous birth and opens the success door.
  • Ethiopian Opal helps in activating the Base i.e. Root chakra and Sacral chakra making person bold and creating the sense of security.
  • Metaphysical activities can be performed with the help of this Ethiopian Opal gemstone.


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