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Synthetic Green Agate

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Agate has been coming under the family of Quartz stone, as the quartz stone is widely available on the earth surface the stones which fall under the category are a member of quartz family but they exhibit different properties due to the formation and crystalline structures. Agate has also been known as “Chalcedony” derived from the word “Chalcedon”. They were found around 3000 years ago from the Achates river popularly known as “Dirillo”.

The creation of Lab created is done with the heating process where the stone is heated at a high temperature and often dyed due to the multi-colour availability in the agate. The process takes place in the chamber where dye colour is added into the stone and 800-900° Celsius temperature is given. The agate is then forwarded for further cleansing and use.

The use of green agate is done for industrial applications and formation of jewelry item. Its used in medical industries and as well as electronic equipment formation as they are hard enough to provide protection to the surfaces of materials.

The hardness of the lab created agate measures around 6.5-7 on the MOHS scale and that is why they are not so recommended in rings as they are brittle and too much exposure to rough surfaces may cause the stone scratches. Yet, they are used in beading and other jewelry products extensively. The lab created agate can be obtained easily and they exhibit similar properties like natural agates only with cheaper price. They are used in the variety of applications in industries as well.


Agates are naturally occurring but due to multi-colour speciality, they are often treated in the labs at a high temperature of 800-900° Celsius where it is dyed with colours as required. Brazil has been the location wherein labs they are treated. After the lab process, the colour is achieved by dye process. These stones are available in all shapes and sizes

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Color: Green,
  • Hardness: 6.5-7
  • Lustre: Waxy
  • Refractive index: 1.53-1.54
  • Chemical Formula: SiO2

Healing Properties and Industrial Applications

  1. Lab created Green Agate has been known as the stone that protects from all negative ailments and provides the wearer safety from the negative environment.
  2. The person suffering from diseases and fever have achieved greater relief by use of Green Agate gemstone.
  3. People who have a greater aim in life can achieve success easily as this stone provides power to cross hurdles at tough times.
  4. Women achieve greater relaxation in baby blues pain and pregnancy periods.
  5. Disorders related to skin, sleep and mental illness are easily cured with the help of Green Agate gemstone.
  6. Green Agate stones can be used in jewelry items as well.
  7. In industries, they are used in the microscopic applications with the use of microcrystalline quartz.
  8. In the transmission of x-rays, they are also used in the machines as well.
  9. In the manufacturing of electronic devices, they are used in the formation of PCB boards, electronic circuits.