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Mother of Pearls

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With an iridescence and a pearly white shiny luster, the gemstone Nacre is widely known as “Mother of Pearl”. It became widely popular when it was “Victoria’s” era. The Mother of Pearl gemstone has been used for thousands of years now. When any outer material mostly a parasite enters into the shell, the shell produces a material which is called nacre. Nacre does the coating and forming a lustrous pearl and makes the pearl coating hard as well. Shells produce nacre material which does the outer coating of the pearls making them shiny and bright. They are widely obtained from sea water from many continents around the world as well. These are bleached and dyed as well to make the colour white. These are widely available in all shapes and sizes

Mother of pearl gemstones are really brittle gemstones. They have the hardness of about 2.5 to 4.5 which makes it suitable to use Mother of Pearl in rings and jewelry It is believed that the Mother of Pearl gemstone will bring the beauty to the wearer as well. These are not limited to the white colour but have silver-whitish to bluish-green and yellow appearance as well which then widely used in the decorations as well.

Due to its structure which is oval and spherical giving a lustrous appearance, these are widely used for jewelry. Their texture can be improved by bleaching them into the lab that will generate white appearance more than yellow. It is advised to clean it with the soft cloth and keep in a box that is made of soft fabric only.

Physical and Chemical properties

  • Color : Silver, White, yellow, pink
  • Lustre : Pearly
  • Hardness : 5-4.5
  • Diaphaneity : Translucent to opaque
  • Refractive Index : 53-1.69
  • Specific Gravity :

Synthetic Cure and Healing

The Top Quality Mother of Pearl brings protection like a mother from the negative ailments and brings prosperity to the individual. A person can become imaginative in a creative way that will help in building the intuition power of him. It is helpful in becoming creative as well and protects from negative surroundings thus even small kids can take benefits from it. It brings the concentration to the mind and body as well in obtaining focus and well advised for the kids who are studying at present. Mother of Pearl channelizes our inner self and create harmonious life as well. It makes person loving and charming and compassionate and creates love doors for him.


  • Mother of Pearl is used to balance life and making it peaceful.
  • Mother of Pearl improves the mind power and retains memory.
  • Mother of Pearl makes one compassionate and loving and brings positivity in the life.
  • Mother of Pearl helps in removing the indecisiveness from a person and allows him to take decision strongly.
  • Mother of Pearl builds endurance and in office as well home and make the harmonious balanced life.
  • Mother of Pearl builds intuition power inside the person who can see things coming.
  • Mother of Pearl is helpful in making a person loyal, faithful, purity to the mind and make him committed towards his relationships and goals.