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Synthetic Diamond CVD

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Diamond is known for its excellence and charm. It produces its shiny appearance, which is a reason for demand by many people. It’s considered a top-quality gemstone for making jewelry items and various applications. In 1926, diamonds’ first-ever processing and enhancement process was done, known as artificial diamonds. The idea aims to make the equally valuable but fast-paced generation of diamonds with the scientific process that requires chemical treatment of gemstone.

The process of CVD diamond makes it more easily treated and useful and the carbon content within the diamond is as similar as the real one and lustrous as well. The term CVD means Chemical vapour decomposition where the graphite is used as the agent which is then mixed to combine with the gas of hydrocarbon where the content of the hydrogen is comparatively high with carbon and there the gas is reacted with the filament at 750-950° Celsius and graphite become into diamond by the reactive agent hydrogen. The idea of making CVD diamond is that the formation is quicker and cheaper than those which occurs naturally and easily available in the market for multiple uses.
Diamonds have a hardness of about 10 on the Mohs scale, which is the highest in the category of gemstones. Also, they are widely used in industrial applications and are a healing agent in the form of jewelry. The gemstones are widely available in all color like transparent, white, red, yellow etc. CVD diamond is considerable as they have a high thermal conductivity which means they are used in the process where high temperature is used in making other substance as it provides the safety and security of the various elements. The industrial use of CVD diamond is extensively used in the formation of electronic boards, sink, lasers, detectors, electrochemical sensors, window framing are all such applications where there is extensive use of CVD diamond is done.
Though diamonds are widely available, the CVD diamond is created by the chemical vapor decomposition of the agents like hydrogen and carbon with the reactive filament at a high temperature of about 750-950° Celsius. They are widely available in all shapes and sizes and also at a cheaper cost.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Colour : white transparent, blue, pink and yellow.
  • Hardness : 10
  • Lustre : Adamantine
  • Diaphaneity : Transparent to sub transparent
  • Refractive Index : 2.418-2.420

Healing properties and Industrial Applications

1. The use of Synthetic Diamond has given extremely well result in the harmonious relationship and bringing the two people closer.
2. Synthetic Diamond has also helped people who have the talent to show can have much excellence after using the diamond.
3. Stamina and metabolism within the body are highly increased with the consistent use of synthetic diamond.
4. Synthetic Diamonds or artificial diamonds are highly used in industrial applications like lasers and electronic sensors.
5. The creation of electronic wafers is done by the use CVD diamond injecting about 200 million carbon atom in the manufacturing process.
6. Synthetic Diamond also helps in formation of electrochemical substances, conventions.

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