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Lab Created Pulled Czochralski Ruby, Cushion

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Pulled Czochralski Ruby – Lab Created Pulled Ruby – Top Quality Lab Created Ruby

Lab Synthesis (By Czochralski Process); Most Recommended To Produce Top Quality The right chemical ingredient selected is super heated above its degree of the melting point. This is done in a crucible surrounded by the electrical heating gadget. A minute piece of ruby crystalline solid is hooked to a metal rod. The craved crystal will slowly grow on this seed crystal. To enhance the process, the seed crystal is systematically lowered into the processing crucible till it’s completely immersed in the molten emulsion. The seed crystal immersed, is uniformly rotated using the metallic rod to which it was attached. This is to regulate the contact temperatures making sure; they remain constant for the better quality. As the rod is continued to be rotated, the nutrient chemical material adheres itself to the seed crystal, crystallises, and pulls out of the molten solution raising the rod. The nutrient chemical is held within the solution to ensure it’s fully used. The cropping up tip is kept wholly in contact with the molten solution until all nutrient material is used up. The cropping rate of the tip may be simultaneous to a level such that large crystals are pulled out from the mixture with diameter measurements surpassing two within 50 millimetres (mm). Crystal lengths may exceed 40 by one meter (mm). Standard rates, in this case, may be measured as 4 within a hundred millimetres per hour.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Lab created pulled ruby super quality gemstone would have the following physical and chemical properties;

  • Chemical Composition:Magnesium Aluminium Oxide, (Chromium; minor component)
  • Refractive index:1.715 – 1.734
  • Material Hardness: 9 Moh’s scale
  • Specific gravity:3.58


  1. Pulled Ruby is a birthstone magnificently valued as a sign of love to July born siblings.
  2. Pulled Ruby is used in jewelry industry to manufacture finely designed pieces of jewelry.

It’s a great pleasure to find out loose lab created pulled ruby gemstone comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. You’re free to choose from the store, the desired way for your preference. Its best used if you plan to make a ring or pendant for your loved ones and you are looking for a beautiful center stone as it looks just like Natural Ruby. A Natural Ruby of the same color will cost $2000-$10,000 per carat.

SIZES AVAILABLE: We have roughs large enough to make size up to 50mm.


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