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Natural Chrome Diopside, Elongated Cushion

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Natural Chrome Diopside

Natural Chrome Diopside is widely known gemstone that exhibits similar properties as green tourmaline and garnet. The stone has been occurred due to the mineral properties of Diopside. Diopside stones are naturally found in the region of Europe and mainly in the region of Siberia. Chrome Diopside belongs to the family of pyroxene, and they are evolved from the metamorphic and igneous rocks.

Diopside was first discovered in the late 1980s from the mainland of Russia in Europe and other border regions of Europe like Pakistan as well as the main source of Chrome Diopside. The diopside is considerably low amount compared to tourmaline and garnet and very modest stone in relatively low price.

Natural Chrome diopside does not require any additional treatment till the production. Natural Chrome diopside has relatively low hardness and are brittle but show many properties like garnet and tourmaline. It is cheaper to buy Chrome diopside than tourmaline and diamond or garnet. The stone has tremendous healing power and provides immense energy to the soul positively. The heart chakra and crown chakra gets healed with the use of this gemstone, and similar energy it releases in sharpening the mind and enhance the communication skills of a person. It also heals the person emotional energy and creates love within the person also recovering the person from mental and psychological disorders and treating the heart chakras organs like kidney, lungs, heart, respiratory system and other parts as well.

Chrome Diopside has the relatively low hardness of about 5.5-6 on the Mohs scale. They are available in various colours as well. This is the reason why the stone should be worn as pendants and earring only. The stone is available in all shapes and sizes and color based on their property.


Natural Chrome Diopside is found mainly in the region of Europe and Asia. Mostly in countries like Siberia (Russia), Pakistan (Asia), Afghanistan, Finland, Canada, Germany, India, China, Madagascar and Sweden are some of the reason where the gemstone can be found.

Physical And Chemical Properties

  • Color: White, Blue, grey, green, brown, black, lavender.
  • Hardness: 5.5-6.5
  • Refractive index: of 1.530 to 1.540
  • Lustre: Vitreous to Dull
  • Chemical Formula: MgCaSi2O6

Healing Properties And Industrial Applications

  1. Chrome Diopside enhances the communication skills and makes the memory sharper.
  2. Chrome Diopside is filled with wide variety where it makes the person smarter and creates harmony among relations, heart chakras get healed with the use of gemstone.
  3. Including heart and lungs, it cleanses all level of blockages from the heart, lungs, respiratory system and as well as kidneys.
  4. Psychological and mental disorders get treated with the help ofChrome Diopside.
  5. Industry uses it in the making and processing of Biomaterials
  6. They are used for the art and creation in the industries since they are brittle and cannot be used in jewelry purposes a lot.
  7. Ceramics are made using the use of natural Chrome Diopside.



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