Lab Created Star Ruby


Also Called Synthetic Star Ruby – Synthetic Ruby Star – Lab Star Ruby – Lab Made Star Ruby – Lindy Star Ruby – Star Ruby Gemstone – Lab Created Star Ruby

Star Ruby provides the same characteristics as a traditional Ruby but it is believed to have more potent healing and mysterious energies. It is said to be an excellent amplifier of one’s courage and inner capabilities. As a gem of spiritual Light, it is oftentimes used by people who deal with electronic things and who does counseling to interrupt high-frequency energy into the body in order to reserve their own energy. Star Ruby is a jewel crag that is conceived to stimulate the progress of the energies for transformation and vital life force.

COLOR: Star ruby comes in Carmine Red shades and reflects star type formation on the surface.

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION:  Al2O3 (Aluminium Oxide)

CUT: Heart Cabochon, Marquise Cabochon, Oval Cabochon, Pear Cabochon, Round Cabochon




BIRTHSTONE: Ruby is the birthstone of July

UNUSUAL PROPERTIES: Star Ruby is compelling in shielding an individual from wickedness spirits, alongside upgrading his/her budgetary steadiness. Star Ruby Gems additionally is accepted to bring the endowments of child in individuals’ life. Lindy star sapphire also is known as Ruby has been said to be remarkably powerful and healing for those who tended to self-harm or self-neglect and has introvert sort nature and is quite profitable in overcoming in bad sexual tendencies or the trauma of abuse of any kind. It is also said to boost self-confidence, makes one independent also the liberation of suppressed anger.

TREATMENT: Heat Treatment is the most commonly used treatment for rubies. Stones, generally before they are cut, are heated to between 1700 to 1800 degrees Celsius (3100-3300 degrees F) for several hours. That is just a continuation of how nature made the gemstone itself, by massive amounts of high heat. Heating improves tone and saturation of the color. Many Star Rubies also receive a Diffusion Treatment that exposes the surface of the stone to certain chemicals combined with heat. The diffusion is done on the surface of the ruby and could extend to around a millimeter into the stone. . The treatment creates a thin layer over the gemstone which strengthens the intensity of the star and improves the beauty of the gemstone. This is a stable treatment which should last a lifetime.

USAGE: Earrings, bracelets, beads and any other jewellery

WHAT WE SUPPLY: We supply star ruby stones in opaque pinkish color and transparent ruby colorin different kinds of cuts. If your desired size or cut is not listed here, please send us an e-mail to with your requirements and we will find and deliver that piece for you.

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