Natural White Zircon

COLOR: White Zircon is colorless, and can be confused with diamond.

ORIGIN: Cambodia, Burma and Sri Lanka as well as in Brazil, Australia and East Africa

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION:  ZrSiO4 (zirconium silicate)

CUT: Round, Oval, Pear




FORMATION:  The mineral zircon, otherwise known as zirconium silicate, is normally found as a minor constituent in igneous rock such as granites and some types of metamorphic rock. These gemstones are formed mostly in pegmatite and in fissures. However, due to weathering of the gem-embedded rocks, most zircons are found in alluvial and beach deposits.

BIRTHSTONE: Zircon is a December birthstone

UNUSUAL PROPERTIES:  Zircon is worn to protect the mind and body from harmful energy emitted by celestial bodies in our solar system. It is also believed to possess certain characteristics which act in a positive manner to attract the vibes of wisdom, wealth, self confidence and self esteem. Zircon is also associated with feelings of love and happiness and is believed to being joy and satisfaction to the wearer. White Zircon helps in gaining clear thinking, clear aura along with mental sharpness. It brings love, happiness and harmony and also has a positive impact on the beauty of the body. Medically, white zircon is believed to regulate diabetes and illness of the reproductive system.

TREATMENT: Heat treatment at low temperatures is often used to produce stones which are colorless, golden brown, or sky blue. Many high quality white zircons are completely untreated.

USAGE: Rings, Pendants, Bracelets and any other jewellery

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