Natural Rubellite

Among the category of Tourmaline, the Natural Rubellite is the most precious and highly valued gemstone. Experts believe that it has the hidden mystical powers and spiritual powers that develop an aura within the person that enables the person to connect with supreme powers. It is considered to be the rarest gemstone and most beautiful as well because of its colour tone that goes from red to pink.

It is believed to be originated in the 1870s and was handed over to Tiffany and Co to enhance its properties which is why it’s most precious but due to its rarity it is valuable as well. The origin of it widely spread in the areas of Pakistan, Brazil, Nigeria and Madagascar and other areas of the world too. Its hardness found to be around 7-7.5. Natural Rubellite is widely used in rings and jewelry and can be used to wear to gain its benefits as well.

They are treated in the lab as well which enhance their properties by irradiation and passing the gamma rays in the presence of manganese due to which there is rd-pinkish colour texture on it can be seen. Fine stones of Rubellite are available from 1-6 carats and from 8-15 carats are highly priced and rare to find.

Natural Rubellites are found mainly everywhere but mostly they can be obtained from the Madagascar, Pakistan, Nigeria and Brazil, Russia and U.S.A.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Colour : Red to Pink, Bright Redish to Pinkish or Brown.
  • Hardness : 7-7.5
  • Lustre : Vitreous
  • Diaphaneity : Transparent to Opaque
  • Refractive index : 1.62-1.65

Synthetic Cure and Healing properties

The Top Quality Rubellite aids in life becoming peaceful and calm due to this stone. It makes the person fertile and boosting his reproductive system. It has the ability to charge the person thus by stimulating the root chakra of the person that has the same colour in the chakras gets benefited. Its red colour indicates that it rejuvenates the blood circular system of the body as well. It regulates and improves the immune system as well and fights with stress and depression and makes the person youthful and happy.
Natural Rubellite helps in achieving ÒkriyaÓ which are related to the outer world and person can be able to achieve higher spirituality. Any person suffering from emotional distress can get the benefit from it.


  • Rubellite protects from the negativity and black energy so wearing it can reduce the bad effect on the person.
  • Rubellite rejuvenates the immune system and overall health by healing the root chakra.
  • Rubellite brings fertility to the reproductive system of the person.
  • Rubellite’s mystic powers help in becoming inspired and bring vitality to the relationships as well.
  • Skin becomes fine by wearing this gemstone because Rubellite cleanses the impureness from the blood.
  • It is believed the dyslexic person can become normal if he wears the Rubellite gemstone.
  • It makes one in dealing with authorities and makes one intellectual which will make them expert in skills.
Item Description
Approx Carat Weight of 1 piece
Unit Price (US$)
Pieces in 1 lot
Lot Price
Lot Quantity

Natural Rubellite

2 mm
$ 2.5

Natural Rubellite

2.25 mm
$ 2.5

Natural Rubellite

2.5 mm
$ 3.9

Natural Rubellite

2.75 mm
$ 6.1

Natural Rubellite

3 mm
$ 8







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