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The marcasite stone used in most jewellery making is iron pyrite. Historically, “marcasite” has been used for iron pyrite and the polymorph “marcasite”. Only in the modern era was it determined that both marcasite and iron pyrite share the same chemical composition, but have distinctly different physical properties. Iron pyrite is considerably harder and more fracture resistant than marcasite, enabling its use in jewellery. Although marcasite can be fashioned into jewellery, it is difficult to work with and is easily broken both during fashioning and when as finished jewellery. Therefore, very little marcasite stone jewellery is produced today. However, today, jewellery fashioned from iron pyrite is most often still called “marcasite—a holdover from earlier times—rather than “pyrite.”

COLOR: Tin-white on a fresh surface, pale bronze-yellow, darkening on exposure

LUSTER: Metallic

ORIGIN: Mexico, Peru, France, China, Russia, the United States and England


CUT: Round, Square

SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 4.875 – 4.887


HARDNESS: 6 – 6.5

FORMATION: Marcasite stone occurs in sedimentary environments formed characteristically under low temperatures and highly acidic conditions.

BIRTHSTONE: Marcasite is not a primary stone for any sign of the zodiac, however it is often associated with the sign of Leo because it reflects the golden hues of the sun, it’s ruler.

UNUSUAL PROPERTIES: Marcasite is a polymorph of pyrite which means that it has the same chemistry as pyrite but a different structure and, therefore, different symmetry and crystal shapes. Natural marcasite stone is used for Yang energy, concentration, memory, hysteria, and cleansing of the blood, warts, moles, freckles, and spleen. Because it resembles gold, marcasite (pyrite) has earned it nicknames “Fool’s Gold” or “Healer’s Gold”

USAGE: Rings, Bracelet, Earrings and any other jewellery.

MAINTENANCE: A bit more care and cleaning is needed for marcasite than for other gemstones. It’s advisable to avoid using steam cleaners, boiling techniques, or submerging marcasite gems in water because they can tarnish when exposed to excessive humidity. Harsh solvents can dull the shine of marcasite stone. Always use a delicate, wet cloth or dry, absorbent, soft, clean cloth free of rouge or other impregnations to wipe the marcasite down gently. Make sure the stone and its surroundings are entirely dry. Keep Marcasite stone jewellery in low-humidity areas with an anti-tarnish strip.

WHAT WE SUPPLY: Best quality Natural marcasite stone in the mentioned above cut in different sizes.

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