Natural Lead Glass Filling Ruby

Natural Glass Filling Ruby - Round

Natural Lead Glass Filled Ruby

Rubies are the most popular and valuable gemstone in the world after diamonds. Its vivid colours and variety make it very popular and likable. Producing different hues in different lights makes it a very attractive gemstone.

The Lead Glass-Filled Rubies are made by the process called Infilling. They are made by inducing the lead-glass by 15% to 50% and these glasses are the mineral components of Ruby that exhibits same property. Lead Glass-filled Ruby is the composition of Ruby made from its same natural mineral elements.

The material is first washed at a very early stage to remove any impurities. Then later heating it at the temperature of about 900-1400 degree Celsius is done. This process enhances the colour of the element and reflects the elegant pink-red lustrous colour. After which it is again processed with the powdered form of silica-lead material and other metal oxides at 900 degree Celsius again which gets fused and penetrated by the glass containing powder.

The stone has a hardness of about 9 on Mohs scale which is very excellent for durability. The Lead glass filled ruby stones are widely used in making rings and jewelry and are extensively used for necklaces as well.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Chemical Formula : Al2O3
  • Colour : Red, Pink, Dark pink.
  • Hardness : 9
  • Diaphaneity : ransparent, translucent.
  • Lustre : Vitreous pearly, Subdamantine
  • Refractive index : 76-1.77
  • Specific Gravity : 3.95-4.1

Synthetic cure and Healing

The Top Quality Lead Glass filled ruby is auspicious for longevity and brings the qualities of the sun within the person. It generates the power and enthusiasm like sun where the person stands it releases the aura of sun and people are attracted towards him. It brings confidence in the person and removes the cold, cough from the body. It brings the happiness in the love life and makes the person wealthy with his partner. It helps in creating harmonious relations with everyone. The person is totally focused and determined towards the goal. This builds the physical fitness and stamina within the person. It strongly affects the Root chakra of the body and gives vitality to the person. Brings the Chi life energy into the person and builds strong immunity.


  • Lead Glass-filled Ruby can be used to enhance the potential and leadership skills.
  • Lead Glass-filled Ruby helps in receiving fame in the society and gaining popularity as well.
  • A person who seeks for attaining higher positions in any field and clear exams should wear Lead Glass-filled Ruby gemstone.
  • Lead Glass-filled Ruby brings harmony and calmness to the life and building networks with people.
  • Those who fear from speaking they should use Lead Glass-filled Ruby gemstone to build communication skills and leadership and power of confidence within.


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