Natural Green Gold Topaz

COLOR: Green Gold topaz is the yellow variety generally referring to the greenish-yellow crystal

ORIGIN: Russia, Siberia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa and China, Japan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Australia, Mexico, Japan, Scotland and in the United States

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION:  Al2SiO4 (F,OH)2 Fluor containing aluminium silicate

CUT: Round, Oval, Pear, Square, Emerald, Marquise, Trillion, Heart


REFRACTIVE INDEX: 1.609 – 1.643


FORMATION:  Topaz is a silicate mineral most often found in igneous rocks of felsic composition. It is also found in some hydrothermal veins and the hydrothermally altered rocks that surround them. It is a common mineral of pegmatite and also found in the cavities of rhyolite and granite. Rarely, topaz is found in metamorphic rocks such as schist or quartzite. Topaz is not an abundant mineral but occurs worldwide in the types of rocks listed above.

BIRTHSTONE: Green Gold Topaz is the traditional birthstone for November.

UNUSUAL PROPERTIES: Green Gold Topaz will benefit any prosperity or love ritual. It will help lessen the chance of co-workers becoming jealous of your abilities.

TREATMENT: Green Gold topaz is produced by diffusing chromium into the outer surface of the stone.

USAGE: Rings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants

WHAT WE SUPPLY: Best quality Green Gold Topaz in above mentioned Cut in different sizes.

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