Natural Black Spinel

Natural Black Spinel

The Black Spinel stones have been named after the word “Spina” which means spine. The Black Spinel stone has same appearance as other black stones but it has its own different properties.

Moreover, Black spinel stone is a very rare gemstone made of hard vitreous alumiunm magnesium or magnesium aluminate which is often used as a protective stone that repels negativity while providing inspiration and empowerment.

It is a surprise that Natural Black Spinel Stone is self made gemstone which does not require any over special treatments in the lab as nothing more than polishing surface and cutting the edges to make it smooth are required to bring out the beauty of this gemstone. They are widely available in all areas but there mainland comes from Thailand.

This Black Spinel Stone signifies powerful personality and wisdom, making it very suitable to wear. Black spinel is widely used in rings and jewellery. Since they have pretty good hardness, it is suitable to wear them in all rings and jewellery, and they are less brittle and very durable. It can be polished and cleaned with water and a normal cloth.


They are widely found in the areas of Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Tanzania and Tajikistan and are then polished and cleaned to deliver.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Diaphaneity:Opaque
  • Hardness:5-8
  • Refractive Index:719
  • Lustre:Vitreous
  • Specific Gravity:3.6-4.1
  • Treatment :None
  • Heat Sensitive :None

Synthetic Cure and Healing

The Top quality Natural Black Spinel brings the power to make the body system functioning and keeps the level of stamina very high. It will rejuvenate the personality and channelizes the aura creating a layer of protection and brings vitality to the person. Deliver the mental stability and growth to the person.

Black spinel stone helps activate the kundalini chakra enabling the person to connect with higher intellectualness and supreme. The physical functioning of the body becomes good, and the joint of the leg becomes strong as it is directly related to the lymphatic system of the body.

Any negativity that comes within the person can be cured and healed with this gemstone as this blocks the all negative environment. It kills the possibility of any infections thus the chances of diseases like cancer becomes very low and person immunity will grow like never.

It brings the mind stability and happiness and reduces the symptoms of depression and harmonises the structure of chakras by healing them along the spine thus named as spinel.


  • Black Spinel gemstone brings growth to the person and bring calmness at every aspect and situations of life.
  • Black Spinel gemstone brings vitality and immunity from any sort of infections.
  • Black Spinel gemstone gives the person very strong determined personality and able to take pressure at workplace as well.
  • Black Spinel gemstone gives the sensibility to handle different people and takes person out of any sort of stress and tension and build mental health.
  • Black Spinel gemstone is widely available in all shapes and sizes so it can be worn according to the requirement.


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