Pulled Czochralski Blue Sapphire

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Lab Created Gemstones - Hydrothermal Aquamarine

Lab Created Blue Sapphire – Hydrothermal Blue Sapphire – Synthetic Hydrothermal Blue Sapphire

Natural rubies have been mined for 8,000 years or more. Because it was so highly prized,it became the first gemstone to be made artificially. The lab created ruby we sell in this section are made by hydrothermal growth (newest “Platinum” technology) which is slow and only method for successfully growing synthetic ruby. This process requires heat and pressure and imitates the conditions deep in the earth that result in the formation of natural gems. Nutrients are dissolved in a water solution, and then synthetic crystals form as the solution cools.

The lab created Blue Sapphire can also be created by flame fusion, crystal pulling or flux growth method but the quality and resemblance of synthetic Blue Sapphire created by hydrothermal process is considered to be the best and superior to all other lab created rubies. As It follows the same process as natural Blue Sapphire is created make it the most superior among other rubies.

Natural rubies are often over-valued. It is better to buy synthetic rubies or lab created rubies made by hydrothermal method as they have exact same chemical compositon and physical composition and are sold at fraction of price of natural rubies. They also appear brighter and more vivid than natural rubies making it the better than natural corundum. Color of this item is just like the Natural Burmese Blue Sapphire color.

  • Chemical Formula-Al2O3
  • Hardness-9
  • Luster-Subadamantine To Vitreous
  • Stability-Very Good
  • Fracture-Conchoidal
  • Refractive Index -1.762-1.77

Hydrothermal Blue Sapphire possess very little difference when compared to natural Blue Sapphire. Only when observed under high magnification microscope in labs, small bubbles or foreign particles can only differentiate between them. Here at gemngems you can find the best quality hydrothermal Blue Sapphire at the best price available in the market.