Lab Created Star Sapphire

Star sapphire

Lab Created Star Sapphire – Synthetic Star Sapphire Gemstones

If you are looking for a special star sapphire gemstone, check our selection of star sapphire cabochons below. We have high quality, blue colored. loose sapphire cabochons available at affordable prices.

COLOR: Star Sapphire is Light to Dark Violet color

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION:  Al2O3 (Aluminium Oxide)

CUT: Heart Cabochon, Marquise Cabochon, Oval Cabochon, Pear Cabochon, Round Cabochon




BIRTHSTONE:Star Sapphire is the birthstone of the people born in September month.

UNUSUAL PROPERTIES: Synthetic star sapphire exhibits the optical phenomenon called asterism, a star-like pattern created on the surface of a gemstone when light encounters parallel fibrous, or needle-like, inclusions within its crystal structure. Light that strikes the inclusions within the gem reflects off of the inclusions, creating a narrow band of light. When two or more intersecting bands appear, a star pattern is formed.

TREATMENT: The flame fusion process for creating gems, also called the Verneuil process, is the most affordable and common synthesis method for a star sapphire stone. Powdered chemicals (the building blocks of the gem) are dropped through a high-temperature flame. The molten powder repeatedly falls from the flame onto a rotating pedestal, creating a synthetic crystal, called a boule, which can later be faceted into a gemstone. Synthetic gems have the same chemical, optical, and physical properties of their natural counterparts, but are a more cost-effective alternative to a natural gem.

USAGE: Earrings, bracelets, beads and any other jewellery

WHAT WE SUPPLY: Best quality Lab Created Star sapphire stone in different cuts and sizes

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