Glass Gemstones

The use of glass gemstone has been used in jewellery for many years. The glass is flaky and ordinary; it is white with very little shine. However, adding some features to the glass gemstone can make it more bright, lively, and long-lasting.

The quality of Glass gemstones is measured on the different aspects like cut, clarity, color and carat. Carats specify the gemstones’ weight as their densities depend on the final size per carat. The cut defines the shape of the glass gemstone. You can get them in any shape to fit your jewellery, be it a necklace, ring, earring or anything else. Clarity means if there is a flaw in a stone; for example, a piece of jewellery of glass tone with fewer flaws defines the perfection of the gemstone. Lastly color, it is set according to the gem species. For bolder colours and jewellery, you can consider loose opals,  sapphires, rubies, or turquoise stones.

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