Black Cubic Zirconia

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Cubic Zirconia Loose stones – Black gemstone – Black Cubic Zirconia – Black CZ

While black clothes are the most slimming, black jewelry is the most sleek. Wearing the Black jet-colored cubic zirconia that looks like black diamonds define urban glamour. Black Cubic Zirconia’s mysterious, dark hue not only looks great in jewelry designs, but because it is a neutral color, it will go well with anything other colors in your wardrobe. This black gemstone is one of the top selling stones making it as a substitute for  Black Onyx and Black Agate. This black cubic zirconia should be handled properly as it have tendency to change its colour if mishandled.


  • HARDNESS: 8.5 Moh’s Scale,
  • SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 5.65-5.95,

 Some of advantages of wearing this black gemstone are-

  • Black CZ gemstone boosts self-realization.
  • Black gemstone encourages sense of responsibility and self confidence. It boosts a good ego and desire to get engaged in a dispute in case it is important.
  • Black Cubic Zirconia recovers the capability to assert ourselves. Through inspiring analytical logics and thoughts, it recovers focus and will help us in arguing in determined manner. It also offers a simple and real outlook to our life that increases regulation on our own actions.

This black gemstone is therefore a must buy for customers it will definitely give a rich look and making every stunned by its glamouring beauty

The Black Cubic Zirconia is pitch black in color and is completely opaque.

You need to be careful when using the Black Cubic Zirconia in metal clay. It might change its color if mishandled. For more information on this you can e-mail me at