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Synthetic Vs. Natural Gemstones

Gemstones are always coveted by one and by all. People are always in need of gemstones, be it in the jewellery industry or for different health issues. Astrologers are always looking out for these gemstones and recommending it to different people according to their needs. The jewellery industry thrives on these gemstones as they incorporate them into different designs and styles. They are cute and processed according to the trends and demands in the market. Gemstones are of two types- natural gemstones and synthetic gemstones.
What is the basic difference between natural and synthetic gemstones?

Natural gemstones are the ones that are found in nature and have constituents that are rare and not found in any others. They are extremely high in demand and it talks years to form one gemstone. The rich minerals of the soil make up gemstones and they become the stones that people almost die to possess. Synthetic gemstones on the other hand are the ones that are created in the lab. They are like the natural ones in appearance but are made artificially.

How do we distinguish a natural gemstone from a synthetic gemstone?

The basic features and characteristic of a natural and real or natural gemstones lie in their constituents. It is very difficult to identify the real ones from the fake ones. However, the jewelers can easily distinguish them from one another as a part of their daily job. Apart from this, they can be lab tested to find out the constituents. There are a number of other ways too to identify a gemstone.

The fake or synthetic gemstones are quite vivid in colour and very rich in appearance. They are almost without a flaw and blemish free to look at. They are more attractive and lure the human eye very easily.

The real ones are flawed and not that attractive. They are rough and you will not like it at the very first sight. However, they are the real ones as they are made from the different minerals of the soil and created naturally without the intervention of any human activity. They are rough to look at and full of scratches and edges. However, they hold a better market value any day because of the fact that they are real and rare.

The fake ones refract a lot of light and appear way too shiny and catch the attention of the people. The real ones are dull and have colour differentiation in them.

The market value of a real gemstone is always excessively higher and unaffordable in certain situations. The fake ones hold quite less a market value than the real ones and can be afforded by all.

When you are going to buy gemstones, make sure your jeweler gives you a note of certification about the authenticity of the gem. You will know if it is a fake one or a poor one by seeing the certificate.

These are some of the techniques to know if the gem is a real or a fake one. Make sure you are not fooled by the jeweler and end up spending a bomb for a fake one, mistaking it to be real one.

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