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What Is A Glass Filled Sapphire

The use of lead glass to carry out the process of ‘infilling’ in sapphires has become prevalent. It is performed at a shallow heat and with very gentle treatment while avoiding professional as well as household chemicals. This treatment, which enables to create glass filled sapphires improves clarity and colour. It also has the potential to add weight by filling the fissures and voids.

All about glass filled sapphires –

The treatment of sapphires to improve colour, clarity, and add value to the sapphires which have been mined straight out of the Earth is an extensive process that is carried out in recent years.

The process is simple, where a low-quality sapphire that has fissures and cracks that reach up to the surface of the sapphire is filled with a cobalt-rich form of glass. The cobalt is the element responsible for the blue colour in sapphires. They improve the quality of the stone as well.

Does it cause any effect on the sapphire or its value?

The sapphires are rare stones that are found on the surface of the Earth with several mineral constituents. This stone is, at times, infused with glass fillings that make the rock strong and more damage free. It is quite rare to find a sapphire with no prior treatments. The glass filled sapphirevalue does not reduce.

How does the pricing affect the buyers?

The foremost thing that matters is that buyers own a real and rare gemstone that is unique and beautiful, irrespective of treatments. However, the stones that are treated less are more precious and are more expensive than the ones that are treated. But it is not a cause of concern for them.

What are the benefits of infusing glass into the sapphires?

Sapphires have cracks and fissures, which is a natural occurrence in all the gemstones. Cobalt-doped lead glass is infused into the colourless sapphires that give them a new look. The benefits can be coined as follows: 

The stone hardens:

The gemstone becomes stronger and extremely tough to break. The infusion helps to make the sapphires become brittle and hard and make them durable.

The look improves:

The appearance of the sapphires gets a new makeover. The infusion of cobalt-doped lead glass makes the sapphires look very strong and fuller. They fill up the fissures and cracks, making the stone appear complete and hefty at the same time.

The colour that attracts:

The best part of the glass filled sapphiresinfusion is the change of colours in them. The colourless sapphires are chosen frequently for glass infusion treatments. It makes them change their colours from transparent to a spectacular blue. The cobalt makes the muted stone go all bright dark blue. It lures the people and makes it an instant favourite.

The pricing factor:

The price of the infused sapphires is quite low compared to the ones without treatments. This is a bonus as it enables people to buy the sapphires easily without having to break a bank.  The glass filled sapphire value remains unaltered and do not matter if the stone is treated or not. At the same time, people get to purchase these rare stones under affordable price tags.

The sapphires are unique and rare stones and get a substantial makeover when infused with glass. They are an all-time favourite of the people at large and make lovely stones for their jewellery.

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What Are The Rarest Gemstones Of 2019

More than 4000 types of minerals are found on Earth out of which there are plenty of them we will never come across in real life. Therarest gemstones found in the world in 2019 is based on trace impurities and bizarre mineral assemblage. Today, we want to talk about a list of incredible gemstones along with their mineralogy and origin.

Based on the refraction, optical characteristics, crystal structure, and chemical composition minerals are classified as gemstones. The degree of imperfections and classification in a birthstone or mineral determines its value.

Red Diamond –

The most beautiful and expensive gemstone that you will ever come across is the red diamond. Did you know that only a couple of red diamonds are available across the planet? All of them are less than a carat. The color of the diamond has got nothing to do with impurity. In reality, it is derived from the plastic deformation of a crystal lattice.

Tanzanite – 

The mesmerizing blue hue of the zoisite mineral is rare and exceptionally stunning. It derives its name from Tanzanite because it can only be found near Mount Kilimanjaro which is in Tanzania. The popularity of this gemstone has been on the rise ever since its discovery in commercial quantities which was not until 1960. When tanzanite has been treated under high temperature the color of it improves, however, the ones that possess the natural, deep, vibrant blue color without undergoing any treatment is more expensive and rare.

Grandidierite – 

This gemstone came into view in 1902 when they were discovered in Madagascar. It is an extremely rare gem and has a sky-rocketing high price. The bluish green color of this gemstone isdefinitely a favorite of all.

Opals – 

Opals are known for their creamy white color. These gemstones are renowned for the presence of rainbow-colored inclusions which have the power to reflect light when the stone is moved. However, the black opals are rare and are only found in Australia particularly in New South Wales (Lightning Ridge Area). The gemstone valueincreases when the background is dark, and inclusions are bright.

Serendibite – 

Another gemstone which is spectacular in every way imaginable and definitely falls under the category of being rare. Though it was discovered in Sri Lanka it can now be found in Myanmar ( Mogok area).

Diamond – 

Who hasn’t heard of diamonds? The heart and soul of engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry. The chemical composition of diamond isn’t hard to understand. Diamonds are formed by pure carbon which is arranged in diamond lattice. This defines durability and incredible strength. It takes billions of years to form diamonds which is why they are rare and precious.

Alexandrite – 

This gemstone was first discovered in Russia. The incredible color changing property of this gemstone – it transforms to ruby red when its dark and remains emerald under light is simply breathtaking.

These are some of the gemstones which possess incredible beauty and are very rare.

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Methods To Tell If A Ruby Is Real Or Fake At Home

Can rubies be artificial?

Natural rubies are the most valuable stones, compared to its price per carat measurements. This being the birthstones of so many people, they have garnered quite a lot of fame in the market. Several people port this red stone for their welfare.  However, this opportunity is being misused by quite a few frauds. They make replicas out of shards of glass and sell them off as real rubies. Well, there are a few simple ways to tell if the stone is a real or a fake one.

How to differentiate – a real ruby and its fake counterpart:

Fraudulent behaviors by some jewelers or makers can fool you and make you believe an artificial red glass stone to be a genuine ruby. Well, with these simple tips at home, you can check out if the ruby is a real one or not.

The colour and radiance:

Ruby gemstones are bright red stones that can be radiant. The cuts and edges of a ruby make it a very polished stone with no scratches on its surface. The colour, too, is exceptionally glowy to attract anybody. On the other hand, a fake one will not be as bright as a real one. They are somewhat dull and not too attractive.

A glass to test a glass:

Artificial rubies are made of glass. Therefore, the simplest way to know if the ruby is fake or not is to compare it with a glass of similar tinge. Take a piece of red glass and compare it with the fake one. If the two matches, then the stone is a fake one. Since a real ruby will never be equal to the colour or the tinge of glass.

Check if the stone wears off:

Rubies are tough stones, and only diamonds can scratch the rubies. However, if you can scratch the rock you have with your nails or any other sharp object, know that they are not real ones. Another way to ensure the same is to rub them off on another surface if they wear off it implies that they are fake.

The glow of the stone:

Genuine rubies emit a red light that is extremely sparkly and classy. The fake ones are not capable of giving out that glow like that of a real one. They will be comparatively dull and dim. The edges can be sharp or smooth, but the adequate brightness will be quite less than that of real ruby stone.

The price of the stones:

The artificial rocks are comparatively deficient in price than that of real ones. The genuine rubies are expensive and worth every penny. The fake ones are made of glass and have a lower market value.

There are some of the simple steps by which you can tell if the rubies are fake or real. Many people are fraudulent enough to fool you in selling off an artificial ruby as a real one.

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How Can You Tell A Good Quality Sapphire

Times are changing and in the current modern world sapphires attract as much attention as diamonds. Several women end up choosing the breathtaking beauty of blue sapphires over diamonds when it comes to their engagement rings. There are several types of sapphires for you choose from, but the blue sapphire undoubtedly looks like a work of art and is extremely popular. Before you choose sapphires for their beauty and elegance, it is crucial to learn more about their properties. This will help you in the buying process and you will be able to pick a sapphire that possess all the qualities it should.

Buying loose sapphires or choosing a piece of jewelry that contains sapphire in it can become a very intimidating task and it is because of the kind of information that is circulating out in the real and virtual world. Try to remember these crucial points –

  1. The price of sapphires is affected by the 4 C’s – color, cut, carat, and clarity.
  2. The color of sapphires is very important and it isn’t similar to diamonds.
  3. You need to understand the properties of sapphires before you purchase them.

Though the four C’s stand true for sapphires, there are still crucial differences that one should remember. You should understand that the location and treatment of a sapphire play important roles here.

The color of the sapphire – 

Sapphires are adorned for their beautiful blue hue. Sapphires come in every color – pink, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, and a combination of different colors. The best quality will only have one primary hue, i.e. blue. Sapphires with royal blue color is highly sought after.

Clarity of natural sapphiresor man-made sapphires – 

It comes under the Type I category of gemstones. What does that mean? Fine graded and commercial sapphires should be free from imperfections or eye visible inclusions. The price of sapphires generally reduces with the increase in visible inclusions.

Treatment of a sapphire – 

Anything that is done to sapphires apart from normal cutting comes under the category of treatment of sapphire. These are the common types of treatment –

  1. Heated – The traditional heat treatment
  2. Untreated
  3. Surface Diffusion
  4. Beryllium Treatment
  5. Fissure filling with Glass

Rare and the most expensive sapphires that are available will remain untreated. Cheaper sapphire stones will go through Beryllium treatment.

The cut of a sapphire – 

Apart from inclusions, one of the most obvious characteristics of a sapphire happens to be the cut. The cut of the stone determines –

  1. Depth of color
  2. The apparent size
  3. Brilliance
  4. Overall feel

Carat or weight of a sapphire – 

It has an impact on the Sapphire. It is very rare to find a large sapphire and it goes without mentioning it is very expensive. Sapphires the weight of 5 carats are regarded as rare whereas the ones above 15 carats are very rare.

In a majority of the cases, the origin of Sapphires doesn’t matter. However, if it is from Kashmir or Burma the price will increase. Keep these qualities of Sapphires in mind before you purchase one.

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How To Tell The Differences Between Moissanite And Diamond


Moissanites are gemstones that are born from the stars and were first discovered by a French scientist. He mistook them for diamonds at the very first go but later on it was found out that they are particles of a gem that lay in a crater of a meteorite that crashed into the earth. Since then, no real Moissanitegemswere found, and hence, all those that are available in the market are humanmade.


Diamonds, on the other hand, arenatural gemstones and the hard rocks on the surface of the earth. They are precious and rare; the sparkly stone is known as a woman’s best friend as they are highly used in wedding rings and other pieces of jewellery. Due o their hardness and durability, diamonds are perfect for the daily wear.

How can we differentiate between the two gemstones?

Moissanite and diamonds are not similar to each other. They show varied differences when it comes to their physical and chemical features. They can be distinguished quite easily.

Color of the stones:

Moissanites are colorless, but they emit a yellowish tinge or a greyish one under certain lights. The larger the Moissanite, the more distinguishable the colour will be.

A diamond, on the other hand, has a colour that is purely transparent and does not emit any different tone apart from a bright glow. It has a dazzling white shiny appearance, and it looks classier than a Moissanite.

Price of the stones:

Moissanites are much lower in terms of cost than diamonds are. They are quite affordable and cheap than diamonds. People of all sectors of the society can afford a Moissanite, and they are fantastic replacements for diamonds. If people wish not to spend a bomb for the sparkling rock, they can quickly shift to Moissanites. Many choose Moissanite as the centre stone in their wedding rings in place of diamonds.

Diamonds hold a high demand in the jewellery sector of the market. This sparkling rock is a complete favourite of the public. However, due to their need, it yields a very high price that is not always affordable for people at all times. Many cannot buy diamonds even if they wish to due to the unaffordable price range. The rock is unique and classy which will never go out of style.

The durability of the two stones:

Moissanites score a 9.25 on the Mohs scale, which shows its high strength in adverse conditions. It is one of the hardest materials on the surface of the earth. It makes it quite suitable and wearable pm a daily basis.

Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. They are highly durable and score a perfect ten on the Mohs scale, which shows the situations and conditions it is capable of enduring. They are an ideal piece to wear every day without the fear of any wear and tear.

These are the main points that can be considered to distinguish the diamonds and Moissanites. Both of them are different from one another and make fantastic choices for a lovely piece.

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Birthstones And Their Importance In The Lives Of People

Do birthstones exist?

Sages and astrologers have always been inclined towards their subject, convincing the world of the miraculous powers of birthstones.

What are birthstones powerful?

According to the beliefs, the different birthstones possess powers that suit different people of varying star and sun signs. Some people follow the theory ardently while others defy the very existence of the supernatural powers of birthstones, contradicting it with the opinions of scientific knowledge.

The different types of birthstones:

According to the 12 zodiac signs, people are recommended to adorn different birthstones. The different birthstones by monthare as follows:

January- Garnet:

Garnet is the birthstone for the people who are born in January. Supposed to ensure safety during journeys and voyages. It is a symbol of health and is adorned to bring back peace and passion in a relationship.

February- amethyst:

This is a stone for those born in February. This stone keeps the owner away from the state of drunkenness. It soothes the mind and shows consistency in maintaining peace and bliss.

March- aquamarine:

These gemstones supposedly cure the diseases of the heart, liver and stomach. Owing to the origin of the name, sailors believed that this stone would protect them from dangers in the ocean.


Lucky are those born in April for their birthstone is the sparkling rock. Diamonds are the highestin terms of birthstones value. They ensure the passion and everlasting love in relationships andhelp you gather courage.

May- emerald:

Equipped with the powers to ensure fertility, rebirth and love, this stone for those born in May. This stone also incorporates wisdom, patience and growth in a person.


This stone engages people in pure bliss and fidelity. Making the in free and garnering peace and serenity are the powers of this stone according to the myths.


The fiery red stone is the one for the ones born in July. It is adorned to keep one off from the eyes of the evil. The negative energies are diminished, protecting its owner from the bad vibes.


A Peridot symbolizes immense strength and is recommended to people who are weak or losing the will power. It keeps the nightmares away, ensuring peace in life.


Believed to protect people from poisoning and the evil eye, sapphire is omnipotence of wisdom and purity. It prevents the negative thoughts from hampering a good life.


The stone makes one faithful and confident. People facing problems in relationships are often recommended to wear this stone to bring back integrity and peace.


A stone of love and affection, this stone is the one for the people of November. This one strengthens the mind and the willpower of the owner and improves the intellect.


Turquoise is a charmstone of love. It, when adorned, is supposed to bring good fortune and success and relax the mind of unwanted thoughts

Birthstones exist and have powers. However, it depends upon the owner is they will accept or deny the fact and listen to their astrologers.

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Lab Created Moissanite And Everything About It

Moissanite is actually formed from the stars. A French scientist had discovered microscopic particles of an ideal gem that was found in a crater formed by a meteorite that crashed in the surface of the earth. He mistook them for diamonds, but later on, he confirmed that it was Moissanite as it consisted of silicon carbide.

Is Moissanite real?

Natural Moissanite merely is rare these days, so all the Moissanite that is found is created in the labs artificially. Many years after the discovery of real Moissanite, the particles could be synthesized, and synthetic Moissanite was produced.

Synthetic Moissanite is created to give out as similar a glow as a diamond does. However, they have distinct features, and Moissanite is quite different from the diamond in terms of durability, radiance and composition as well.

What are the features and characteristic of Moissanite?

Since the Moissanite is created in a lab that has a controlled environment, its origin can easily be traced, as it has no mining to produce. Moissanite is one of the hardest substances of this world. Many people ditch diamonds to go for Moissanite as the stone for their engagement ring. It goes well and makes it daily wear without the fear of stone loss. The different characteristics of Moissanite are as follows:

Moissanite gives out a different radiant glow as it has faceting patterns differ from that of a diamond. The stable refraction of light is quite an attraction for many, while some feel it gives off way too much light. Under the glaring sunlight, it makes it look more like a flash ball than a stone.

Moissanite is mostly colorless to the average eye. However, it sure doe give out a grayish or yellowish radiance under certain lighting circumstances.

People who are unwilling to spend thousands and lakhs for a simple engagement ring or any other jewellery can surely go for Moissanite, as this is a beautiful replacement for the shining rock.

Moissanite is one eco-conscious gemstone as well since it requires zero mining.

They look lovely in places of diamond and make the jewellery radiant as it emits a wonderful glow.

The lab created Moissanite is preferable as they are not as expensive as the diamonds out there and more sparkly than a diamond.

Moissanite is highly durable and can withstand any adverse situation or weather condition.

They are created while keeping the excellent jewellery sets in mind. Moissanite is highly coveted for these sets in place of a real diamond.

How many types of Moissanite are there?

Lab Created Moissanite is of two types. They are in either pure white or yellow.

Both of these emit a wonderful glow. Very similar yet so different, Moissanite is brighter than their diamond counterpart is and give out blinding lights like a disco ball at times. Under certain lights, the colours of the Moissanite can be differentiated. Following the thermal growing process, only one company in the whole wide world creates Moissanite.

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Ways To Find Out If Peridot Is A Real Stone

Glowing in a lovely olive-green tint that is rarely found in any other stone a Peridot is, of course, a genuine gemstone. A Peridot has never been created in a lab, though there are certain fake ones though, that are made of glass and look like real Peridots. The lovely unique tone of green makes it an instant favourite of people and looks elegant with any and every matching outfit. The colour attracts most of the people, and they want one for themselves instantly.

How are the unique properties of a Peridot?

The gemstone, Peridot, is a lovely one. It is not hard and durable. It bears some natural wears and tears at specific points of time due to its softness.

The Peridot contains some fine cracks and a slight mist in the stone. The mist is not visible to the naked eye. A magnifying glass is required to see the mist.

A real Peridot will never change its colour no matter where and under which lighting conditions it is seen.

What are the ways to find out a real Peridot?

Some simple tests at home can be conducted by anybody, apart from lab tests, to ensure if a Peridot is an authentic one, no one has created a Peridot artificially till date, however, as mentioned earlier, some imitation in glass do exist.

Eye test:

Usually, Peridots have a fresh olive green colour, but a tinge of yellow is prevalent in the stone. If any other colour other than these is mentioned, you will know that there is some doubt regarding the authenticity of the stone.

You can take the stone outside and notice if the stone is changing colours. If it does not, then it is a real one while if it does, you know it is a

man made Peridot.

If the Peridot is super elegant and scratch free, it must be a fake one as real ones are bound to have cracks and scratches.

Refraction test:

Holding the Peridot against a light, if you see a double ray of light inside the stone, it means the stone is a real one since it has double refraction. Only a glass stone will have a single refraction.

Gemology test:

This quite a simple test that can efficiently be conducted at home. One of the constituents Peridot is iron. Place the Peridot in a water basin on Styrofoam and check if it floats on the dish, in the middle. Sway a magnet on top of the stone. If the stone gets attracted to the magnet and moves, even the slightest, you surely have a real Peridot with you. Fake ones made of glass will never get attracted to the magnet.

With these cool tricks up your sleeve, you are sure to be able to distinguish a real Peridot from a fake one. No jeweler or seller can fool you, and you can quickly get the best out of every situation!


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Are Gemstones A Good Investment

Before you go ahead and buy gemstones it is better to have a sense of clarity regarding your decision. There are a variety of gemstones which are treasured for their unique features and mesmerizing beauty. In recent years, investing in gemstones has earned a lot of popularity amidst informed buyers who understand and fully appreciate the value of it. However, the best gemstonescan only be availed from a certified gemologist. You should definitely be aware of both the benefits and risks of investing in gemstones and this article will ensure you have all the information you seek.

Why should you invest in gemstones?

Fixed Price –

Did you know that gemstones are not subjected to price fluctuations and extreme volatility? That means when you invest in gemstones, you’ll not have to worry about any depletion at price. Gemstone value remains constant regardless of the ongoing market condition.

Increase in value –

Gemstones work as assets the value of which will only increase in the upcoming years. The buyer of gemstones also has the option of transforming it into jewelry or cutting it into smaller versions. One can even undertake the task of polishing the gemstones – all of which will have only one impact i.e., increase the gemstone value.

The stability for gemstones remains unyielding –

Regardless of the prevailing market condition, the demand for gemstones remains constant or only increases. It goes without saying that gemstones are a viable form of investment and they always have been. In case you are in search of options that will steadily increase in value in the future then gemstones are definitely a perfect choice for you.

Portability is easy –

Gemstones offer easy portability from one place to another and don’t have any of the complexities presented by gold bars. Security of gemstones is never an issue, either.

They are immune to the economic changes –

Irrespective of what is going around the globe, the price of gemstones will never fall. It is one of those guaranteed investments that everyone should consider making.

Durability –

It goes without saying that gemstones from a trusted gemologist will not lose its value over time. There are no chances of it bearing scratches or cracks. Gemstones are never affected by the climate like silver when exposed to the air. That means you can use it without anything to worry about.

Despite the endless number of reasons as to why you should invest in gemstones, there is also a few things you must know about them.

The necessary knowledge in gemstones –

Before you make a decision of investing in gemstones it is crucial that you know all about them. Try to put in some of the extra hard work by researching about the qualities of gemstones and from whom you should buy them. So, you have to make an effort to understand all about them to avoid fake ones.

Gemstones are definitely a great form of long-term investment and you should definitely proceed forward with it.


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Synthetic Gemstones And Everything About Their Creation

Gemstones and how they are created

Gems are highly demandable in the markets and businesses out there. Different departments of the market sector like the ornaments and jewellery business thrive on these gemstones. They are unique and rare. Millions and billions of years go by to form a natural gemstone. They are found on the surface of the earth. Different minerals and constituents of the soil makeup one gem. The jewelers cut polish and put them into perfect pieces or set, to finally sell off at a high price.

What are synthetic gemstones ?

Synthetic gemstones are the ones that are artificially created in the labs. With the constituents of their natural counterparts, these stones are created with utmost perfection that makes them appear similar to the real ones. They are quite cheap and affordable, unlike the real ones. They are sparkly and attractive and can be made easily since they are created in the labs. The real ones take years and ages to form while the synthetic ones can be easily made available when required.

How are the synthetic gemstones created ?

There are several ways of creating a gemstone in the lab. The most common of them all being the flame fusion process followed by crystal pulling, flux growth, hydrothermal growth processes.

Flame-fusion process:This process deals with dropping the chemicals in their powdered form into a high-temperature flame. As it melts, it starts to fall into a rotating pedestal to form the synthetic crystals. The least expensive method of them all, it is a common way to produce gems like the synthetic Spine

Crystal pulling process: Different constituents are melted, and as the synthetic crystals start to grow from a seed that remains dipped into the melt, they pull it away from the melt. Gemstones like synthetic corundum and garnet are produced in such a manner.

Flux growth process: Flux is a solid material that melts and dissolves the other materials along with itself. The dissolved chemical solution ultimately cools off, leaving behind synthetic crystals to form. The flux growth process is the most expensive one and a long one too. Sometimes crystals take up even a year to develop. Lab Created Gemstones like synthetic ruby, sapphire and alexandrite and Spinel form in this way.

Hydrothermal process:Similar to the flux process, this too is an expensive one and time taking. This is the sole process to form synthetic quartz as it takes time and creates heat and pressure equivalent to that of a natural process beneath the surface of the earth during the formation of real and natural stone. The nutrients and constituents are kept dissolved in a solution of water, and the synthetic crystals start taking shape as the solution cools off.

Synthetic gemstones are in high demand and benefit the jewellery and astrological departments brilliantly. Even though they are artificially created, they are quite reasonable and less expensive than the real ones that make it affordable for the people at large.

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Here are the list of basic shapes that we make