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Synthetic Gemstones: The New Age Diamond

Gems, no doubt, are one of the most precious natural materials that is extracted while mining ores, minerals, and precious metals. They have been processed, glamorized, and cut into different sizes for hundreds of years to make people feel the real essence of elegance. Nowadays, the long-standing gem mining practice is reinforced with the immensely popular lab created loose gemstones. These are of the same quality, but with a much lesser price tag. These stones are chemically, physically, and optically identical to their natural counterparts.

gemMaking procedure: The entire process is quite similar. However, the lab created ones are made at a fraction of the time and cost of mining. And, people can hardly spot the difference between a lab-created stone and a natural one.

Lab-created stones usually have fewer inclusions because they rely on a stable, more controlled process of using high-quality minerals applying proper heat and pressure. You get top-notch lab-created stones at a significantly lower price compared to the natural gemstones with several settings option.

gem1The market growth of synthetic gemstones: Over the past few years, the synthetic gemstone market has evolved due to huge demand for the stones. According to a recent study, production of lab created gemstones has gone up ten, fold from less than 100 metric tons to 1,000 metric tons (nearly) per year.

The demand for these gemstones is growing due to the increasing need for the industrial applications and rising desire for the extravagant yet affordable gemstones. Also, natural gemstones are usually the rarest that keeps their price tag high. Another variable is the fashion trends, which changes depending on the latest era cost and preciousness of a stone.

The point is, like gemstones are forever, lab-created gemstones are also forever. It doesn’t matter what type of gemstones you choose; what matters is the quality. You will come across a number of stores offering synthetic gemstones at the cheapest possible price, but preferring quality over price is worth your investment. Find a legitimate store who can provide you with gemstones of the finest quality with effective caring tips.

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