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If you are looking for brilliance and longevity then perhaps LAB CREATED GEMSTONES are for you

Welcome to Gems n Gems – the ideal site for all kind of gemstones at factory prices.

Gems n Gems is a Thailand based retailer for Gemstones. We’re specialized in selling wide range of Gemstone from Natural gemstones to Synthetic and Lab Created, Cubic Zirconia to Nano crystals, Glass Gemstones and Rough stones. Providing Quality products with reasonable prices is our motto.

What are Lab Created Gemstones?

hydro ruby oval

It has been said that the phrase lab created stones is synonymous for synthetic stones. These are basically gemstones that are created in a lab. They are very much so real and according to the Federal Trade Commission, in order for a gemstone to be deemed lab created it must be identical to its natural counterpart in all ways. So when it comes to chemical composition, hardness, and brilliance the lab created stone must be absolutely identical to the natural stone.

Quite often consumers will want the lab created gemstone over the real thing, because it was made in a lab, the assumption would be that the lab created stone will last longer and be a more durable stone. Nearly every stone that is found naturally can also be created in a lab.

lab created emerald light

We offer a wide range of Lab Creates stones. In order to make products reach high quality and meet customers requirement, we run different checks for quality control, quality product and management.

For further information or feedback, please feel free to contact us at We shall respond to your email within 24 hours.

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