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Natural Kyanite, Square

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Natural Kyanite has been known widely because of its appearance in blue color. Kyanite gemstones occur from the sedimentary rocks where metamorphism takes place and due to high pressure which gives it a crystalline texture. Kyanite was earlier known as ‘Kyanos’ in Greek which means Blue. It first came into existence in the very 19th century and has been used in multiple applications around the world. Kyanite just like any other is widely available in different colors and sizes. This stone has shown metaphysical results even though it is not connected to specific planet or zodiac sign. It has shown fruitful results in the cleansing of the chakras and often increases the communication skills of the human being by also channelizing the throat chakra. When industrial uses are concerned the use of kyanite is extensive be it ceramics, heat-resistant materials, bathroom tiles, abrasives etc. The property that makes Kyanite outstanding is anisotropic which exhibits multiple properties with different hardness, the crystallographic direction is the main reason behind it. This stone has been ranging around 4-4.5 in hardness on the Mohs scale but ranges 6-7 when it’s cut perpendicularly. Kyanite metaphysical properties allow the wearer to connect with spirituality and connect with meditation. Due to the exhibition of different properties, the Kyanite has been used in jewelry in a limited amount as hardness matters in cutting the gemstone and rings and bracelets are more prone to cut and scratches so ideally they are used in earrings and pendants. They are used in jewelry according to hardness in different shape and sizes.


Kyanite has been known worldwide because of its availability. Austria, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Nepal, Russia, Tanzania, USA and Zimbabwe are the worldwide locations where Kyanite has been found. These stones are available in all shapes and sizes.

Physical And Chemical Properties

  • Colour :Blue, yellow, gray, white, pink, black and orange
  • Hardness :4.5-5 and 6.5-7 perpendicularly
  • Diaphaneity :opaque
  • Lustre :Vitreous to pearly
  • Refractive Index :1.71-1.73
  • Chemical Formula :Al2 SO5

Healing Properties and Industrial Uses

  1. Kyanite has tremendous in creating pathways with excellence and connection of mind with the third eye and connect with universe easily as it has high vibrational crystalline structure.
  2. The person who is seeking to achieve in-depth knowledge about mediation and achieve success can obtain benefits from this stone.
  3. Kyanite is used in industrial processes of heat treatment, foundry moulds and porcelain refractory.
  4. In the industry of railways, they are highly used in cutting and wheel grinding and brakes as well.
  5. Mulcid is a calcinated Kyanite that is used for making clutches.
  6. Due to high vibration strength, it creates spirituality to the person.
  7. The stone has been used in the industries of ceramics, bathroom and abrasive.
  8. It is also used in making the brake shoes, refractory porcelain and refractory mortars.
  9. It is widely used in the industry of railroad and automotive where the heat is resisted with the circuits and kits made of ceramics made of Kyanite.