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Natural Black Sapphire, Oval

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Natural Black Sapphire

Natural mineral corundum is ideally as popular as Sapphires are widely known around the world. They are available in various colours in the world but among them, most valuable is Natural Black Sapphire. The Sapphire name has been taken from the word ‘Safir’ which signifies the sign of love, purity and loyalty. Black Sapphire was found in the period of 1930 in the region of Queensland. This gemstone has tremendous properties that make it unique charcoal like Black gemstone which totally absorbs light fully. The gemstone has unique healing and metaphysical properties and has been regarded as auspicious stone to enhance wisdom and intellectual powers. People in foreign countries are crazy behind the use of Black Sapphire as Jewellery gemstone, as it appeals more eyes and goes well in necklace, earrings and rings. There are various colours which sapphire exhibit but the most likeable and in demand is the blue colour sapphire as it is a symbol of royalty and brings fortune to those who have Saturn as their main planet. The hard-working people and whose zodiac sign is governed by the Saturn must try Sapphire and should consult according to their colour of the stone.

Natural Black Sapphires are easily affordable and can be identified easily by their light absorbing texture. The astrology highly refers the use of Black Sapphire as its qualities are the symbol of intellectualness and wisdom. The subtle energies of the person can be channelized easily which will guide him towards excellence in every field and conquer the path towards the divine.

The gemstone’s hardness has been recorded as 9 on the Mohs scale which means it is as hard as a diamond and astonishing similar properties. The gemstones are available all over the world due to which it has been quietly appreciated by women thus Natural Black sapphire is used in Rings and jewellery making.


Natural Black Sapphires are primarily found in the region of Madagascar, Zimbabwe and South-east Asia. They are generated from the metamorphic and igneous rocks and due to impurities, their texture is often Black in colour. They are widely available in all shapes and sizes.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Colour : Black
  • Hardness: 9
  • Lustre : Vitreous
  • Refractive index : 1.76-1.77
  • Chemical Formula : Al2O3

Healing Properties and Industrial Uses

  1. It has been identified as people who wear Natural Black Sapphires have been blessed with excellent intuition power and wisdom.
  2. Often helpful for those who want to surround themselves with positivity and expel chaotic environment.
  3. People can gain benefits who are suffering from inner anxiety and panic.
  4. Soothes root chakra thus healing your entire soul into peace.
  5. According to Fang-Shui, the black gemstone is related to the water and flow positivity energy towards the north of your direction which leads to success in career and stability.
  6. Black Sapphires due to its hardness are often used in making crystal components of watch, windows and lab instruments for scientific purposes.
  7. They are also used in electronics boards and components.


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