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Lab Created Diffusion Blue Sapphire, Oval

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Lab Created Diffusion Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is the second hardest substance on our earth. It ranges to the level of 9 in term of hardness at the Mohs scale. This is also known as “Corundum” which is taken from the Sanskrit word “Kuruvindam” which means “ruby sapphire”. The blue sapphire has been known by its traditional colour “blue”. Commonly, these sapphires are worn mostly as jewellery as gemstone. There is wide variety of sapphire colour but only some exhibits the true colour which is seen less often. When these sapphires are treated in labs and produced, these are called Diffusion sapphires. Diffusion treated sapphires are produced by diffusion. It may have several methods but mostly it is treated by heating it under the presence of other colour inducing materials which enhance the property of this stone and make it more natural in colour. It is very rare to find the true sapphire that is original in its properties thus they have been treated in the furnaces for increasing refining their physical properties. The variety in its colour is due to trace of elements like titanium, iron, chromium, copper, or magnesium.

Chemical Properties

  • Chemical Formula : Al2O3, Aluminum oxide
  • Hardness : 9.00 on the Mohs scale
  • Refractive Index : 1.762 – 1.788
  • Density : 3.95 to 4.03
  • Transparency : Transparent

Synthetic Cure and Healing Properties

Sapphire is regarded as one of the most auspicious stone which could bring good results to wearer. It is said that, for people born in September can wear this gemstone often called as their birthstone, for some zodiac signs like Taurus it is useful in curing mental disorders. It signifies truth, wisdom and loyalty and wearer can get happiness if it is auspicious for them. It will bring the intellectualness of the person by its properties as it is said when the person will lick stone with the tongue it will produce certain saliva which enhance intellect. A blue sapphire must be wear if it suits to the wearer as its properties might not be suitable for everyone. It gives clear visual and intellectual thought process to the person and stabilizes the thought process.


Sapphire is extensively used as gemstone and in jewellery and because of its preciousness it is one of the most expensive stone. It is used in necklace, earrings and rings as well in form of jewellery. It is used as healing stone as it is said it gives calmness to the person. Blue sapphire helps in curing the throat chakras. Person who wears it as neck piece can heal its throat chakra and can enhance his communication skills. A person who is hard-working and loyal will bring royal fortune by wearing this gemstone.


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