Natural Black Star Sapphire

Natural Black Star Sapphire

Black Star Sapphires

Sapphires are the most liked gemstones and one of the most interesting one is Black Star Sapphires. The name star has come because of its appearance as when this stone is seen in under flashlight it shows a bedazzling star image on the stone that gives out the beam of 6 rays altogether forming a star. Wearing Black Star Sapphire gemstone is considrered to be auspicious and is most liked by men. Among all Black Star Sapphire, the most precious one is Thai star sapphire.

Though this gemstone is black under the flashlight it will give the golden colour star effect on the surface. This gemstone has level of hardness 9 on the mohs scale which is similar or near to diamond thus this can be said it is the hardest substance next to diamond and is very durable to wear in rings and jewelry for long-term use.

The Black Star Sapphires are heated at a very high temperature of about 1600-1800 degree Celsius thus enabling them to become shiny and colorful and enhancing their properties and are treated with titanium in order to improve the effectiveness of the star on its surface. They may have high hardness still they should be cleaned properly with a soft cloth and soapy water only.


Black Sapphires are widely available in Tanzania U.S.A. Cambodia, Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka. In labs, they are treated with titanium at a high temperature of 1800 degrees Celsius, generating a shiny Black Star Sapphire gemstone.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Colour:Black
  • Hardness:9
  • Lustre:Vitreous to silky
  • Refractive index:76-1.77
  • Specific Gravity:3.9-4.1

Synthetic cure and Healing

The top Quality Black star sapphire brings the calmness to the person even in the chaotic environment and keeps the person calm and kind. The person manifest the most superpowers of the universe. It leads to form peaceful relations and gives intuitive power to the wearer and protects from any sort of problem around. It gives result in very quick session after wearing and cures the chakras by healing them. Those who want to become calm and stable with all sort of happiness and luxuries, they should wear Natural Black Star Sapphire gemstone. This helps in curing the throat chakra and the third eye chakra to make person connect with the divine. The diseases and problems related to head and throat will also get removed and cured by Black Star Sapphire Gemstone


  • Black Star Sapphire removes the moment of anger and alleviates the stubbornness and anger and rage and brings creativity to the person.
  • Black Star Sapphire channelizes the aura and person whenever goes to any place will create harmony and soothing environment.
  • Black Star Sapphire enhances the self-esteem of a person and builds self-confidence.
  • Black Star Sapphire enables the person to go and connect ground level.
  • Black Sapphire is a stunning stone that makes beautiful jewellery. It can be worn as a pendant, ring, or earring.
  • Carrying a Black Sapphire crystal in your purse or pocket to receive its protective benefits.
  • Black Sapphire is a good tool for meditation. It can also help connect with higher seld and receive way from your spirits.
  • Black Sapphire is a keystone for your home to create a protective barrier around your property.
  • Black Star Sapphire brings wealth to the loyal and hardworking person enabling the result in twice the hard work.


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