Natural Swiss Blue Topaz

swiss blue topaz

Swiss Blue Topaz – Genuine Swiss Blue Topaz – Natural Swiss Blue Topaz

Natural Blue Swiss Topaz is one of the most attractive and stunning stones in this current day and age. From prehistoric periods, this shining blue gemstone has sparked our thoughts and charmed us. The purposes behind this stone might have been awakened by ancient principles, but the properties of it are still significant and relevant today. Blue Topaz, on the other hand, is a highly beneficial stone for those who want to build their confidence.

Swiss topaz or Bright Blue topaz has several advantages as it is associated with various mystical and useful abilities that enhance one’s life. Asking an astrologer will reveal numerous outstanding qualities and benefits. However, it grants the bearer courage, fortune, health, and prosperity and transforms their lives. It can benefit you physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

COLOR: Natural Swiss Blue Topaz are found in Pacific blue color, Blue-gray color, and in Maya blue color.
ORIGIN: Russia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Pakistan, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, and the United States.
CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Al2SiO4(F,OH)2 a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine with the chemical equation.
CUT: Round, emerald, oval, pear, heart, princess, marquise, trillion, antique cushion, baguette, Moon shape, Pear shape cabochon, and Oval shape cabochon.
HARDNESS: 8 on The Mohs Scale
FORMATION: Swiss Blue Topaz crystals occur in highly acidic igneous rocks, such as rhyolite, and in metamorphic rocks. It is also found as a constituent of pegmatite dykes and is often a by-product of mining for other gems such as beryl or metals like tungsten, columbium or lithium.
BIRTHSTONE: Swiss Blue Topaz is the traditional birthstone for December. Extremely good for the fourth and nineteenth wedding anniversary. Swiss topaz is a beautiful gemstone that improves your beauty and charm, so if you want to treat yourself to a gorgeous gem, give it some thought. This Bright Blue Topaz is the one that captures the heart. Swiss Topaz comes in various tints and colours, including pink, yellow, gold, and many more. People born under Sagittarius zodiac can also wear Swiss Blue Topaz for luck.
UNUSUAL PROPERTIES: Swiss Blue topaz stone is a gemstone that is very important in the life of lovers; these stones make them roll life in harmony until the end. We suggest wearing Swiss blue topaz as a ring. Blue topaz symbolizes honesty, clarity of feelings, and deep emotional attachment. This type of stone can used to make health. It helps to repair the digestive tract and fight against anorexia. For those who have problems in the sense of taste, sore throat and headache, very recommended using blue Swiss Topaz necklace. Most people prefer Swiss blue because the color is brighter and looks more graceful.

For individuals experiencing losses in their businesses, it provides special benefits and opens up new avenues for them to strengthen their companies.

TREATMENT: Swiss Blue Topaz is a vivid medium, to medium dark blue topaz produced by combining neutron treatment with electron treatment, followed by heat treatment. After the electron beam treatment, the heat treatment is carried out at 200 C for approx. 180 hours. This produces strong blue colors. After neutron irradiation, topaz needs a cool off time of 8 months and then it can be safely released on the market.
USAGE: Rings, necklaces, pendants and any other jewellery.
WHAT WE SUPPLY: We supply Swiss blue topaz stones in all kinds of colors, qualities from different origins, and in various kinds of cuts. For best Swiss blue topaz quality, please send us an e-mail to with your specifications and we will deliver that piece for you.
We offer Blue Topaz from 3 origins Natural Swiss Blue Topaz Natural Sky Blue Topaz Natural London Blue Topaz


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