Lab Created Colombian Emerald (Inclusion)


Synthetic Colombian Emerald / Columbian Emerald – Lab Created Colombian Emerald / Columbian Emerald – Hydrothermal Colombian Emerald / Columbian Emerald

When Lab Created Emerald was first made by man, the color was a bit medium to dark in shade. The medium to dark color lab created emerald has been one of the best selling lab created gemstones but still it did not satisfy the demands of the public. The demand was more for a lighter color just like Natural Colombian Emerald because the Natural Colombian Emerald is one of the most expensive Natural gemstones. A nice piece of Natural Colombian Emerald can easily cost you about $20,000 where as the same piece in Lab Created Colombian Emerald is going to cost you only about $100. So why buy Natural Colombian Emeralds when the Lab Created Colombian Emerald looks the same to naked eye and is available at a fraction of a cost.

Laboratorygrown emerald Colombian Emerald for ring and jewelry is one of the most exquisite gemstones to be created in the lab as it requires sophisticated laboratory equipment. Scientists were able to synthesize emerald back in the late 1930s, where a flux-grown method is utilized, however, after 1960s, hydrothermal laboratory process was adopted, which is the similar process occurring in naturally found emerald. This leads to a better perfection and inclusions in comparison to hydrothermal processed or naturally grown emeralds.

The Lab Created Colombian Emeralds that we supply here are made by the hydrothermal process that is why some people also call it Hydrothermal Colombian Emerald. This process uses a water solution at high temperatures and it takes many months to create a top grade synthetic emerald rough. We then use specialist engineers to cut these stones from the roughs to get the best grade lab created Colombian emeralds. The synthetic Colombian emeralds you find here will have the same chemical composition as the real emeralds.

Here at gemsngems – we can cut the lab created Colombian emeralds in all shapes and sizes. It is very popular with jewelers as it is used both in silver and gold jewelry. I have all the prices for the synthetic Colombian emeralds on this page. If you do not find anything that you are looking for then send me an e-mail at

COLOR: A very brigh green colour that a natural emerald would feel jealous of.

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: BeAlSiO (BerylliumAluminiumSilicate). Similar to natural Emerald.

CUT: Round Brilliant Cut, Oval Brilliant Cut, Cushion Cut, Square Cut, Rectangular Octagon Cut, Marquise Cut, Trillion Cut, Heart Shape Cut, Pear Shape Cut




FORMATION: Hydrothermal or Flux-fusion lab process. The technique usually involves dissolving the crystal nutrients in an acidic solution of water and chemicals at high temperatures and pressures, with crystallization occurring in a cooler chamber in the reactor.

UNUSUAL PROPERTIES: Synthetic emeralds will have characteristic inclusions diminishing the stone value. A nice synthetic emerald will look like the top quality natural emerald to the untrained eye. Synthetic and natural emerald can be distinguished by their specific gravity, refractive index and opaqueness.

USAGE: Great for Earrings, Rings, Pendants and any other jewellery.

WHAT WE SUPPLY: Synthetic Emerald in different grades and sizes are available with us. We also supply the rough stones of these material.


GRADE A Very very less inclusion to clean 2-18mm
GRADE B Little inclusions 2-18mm
GRADE C More inclusions 2-18mm

Light Color Hydrothermal Colombian Emerald available at best prices. For more information, please contact us at


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