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Lab created Colored Moissanite

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Formation of Coloured Moissanite

Coloured moissanite is a formation that undergoes a process known as high pressure, high-temperature treatment or HPHT. Under this process, the manufacturers coat fancy colours to the colourless or fainted coloured moissanite in order to meet the demands of the customers. During this time, the moissanite remains in a controlled environment under extremely high pressure and temperature. Plus, it may undergo an additional irradiation so that the colour of the coloured moissanite gemstone remains permanent

Uses of Coloured Moissanite

A fancy coloured moissanite stone is best suitable for making custom jewellery pieces, engagement rings, etc. Coloured moissanite stones in pink, yellow, champagne and grey may be the best choice for making unique statement jewellery. Also, it is good for everyday use.

To sum up, the coloured moissanite gemstones remain as they are for a lifetime. All the user has to do is clean it gently and repair its scratches which is common if worn daily.

Chemical Properties Of Lab Created Moissanite

  • Refractive index- 2.65-2.69
  • Dispersion- 0.104
  • Luster Index- 20.4%
  • Mohs Hardness- 9.25
  • Toughness- Excellent
  • Specific Gravity- 3.21
  • Colour- Green , blue, pink, champagne and yellow
  • Clarity- VVS