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I received my gemstones today and could not be more delighted. The colours are stunning and the stones arrived swiftly and are beautiful. This is the first time I have ordered stones over the Internet and I will certainly be back again. The service was courteous and most impressive. Thank you!

Judith Thomson, Australia

We are a French-German-Swiss group producing luxury goods. After several orders with Gems n Gems, we can say that we are very satisfied with the quality, the prices and the delivery speed. More importantly we are quite happy with the good and reliable contact there, as well as the good advice. We can only recommend the products and this company.

Pierre, France

I am most pleased with the services provided by GEMS N GEMS.  They offer a vast selection of shapes and sizes of gemstones.  Their quality is exceptional.  I ordered a large parcel of Synthetic Alexandrites, Emeralds, Tourmalines, and Aquamarines.  The stones are of a lovely color, crystal clarity, and the sizes are true so that mounting in standard settings is efficient.

The gems are packaged with great care and arrived in precisely the right numbers.  The attached manifest is clear and accurate.

Sam is responsive to inquiries and a man of his word.  I am recommending GEMS N GEMS to my colleagues and will order from him again.  I recommend him without hesitation.

— Brian, USA

I am a jewelry designer and craftsman in the United States. As such I deal in relatively small quantities of stones. I have, nonetheless, been treated very courteously and professionally by Sam at GEMS N GEMS. The quality and beauty of the stones I have purchased seems considerably better than those purchased from other sources in the past. Additionally, the prices seem reasonable with no sacrifice in quality. Based on my experience with this company, I highly recommend them as a gemstone source

–Ken, USA

I ordered a Hydrothermal ruby and a couple of Hydrothermal yellow sapphires from  GEMS N GEMS.

Throughout the process Sam was very helpful with my questions and was true to his word with regard to the quality of the hydrothermal gemstones. The gems I received are superb.

In fact, my jeweller was appreciative of the quality of the gems, specially the ruby and did mention that a natural gem of similar size and quality could only be afforded by royalty.

Sam, I thank you very much for your prompt service and quality goods.

I remain impressed with Sam and Gems N Gems and recommend them to anyone wholeheartedly.

–Ashley, New Zealand

I’m not a jeweller but I like to design pieces and have them made for my wife. I’ve long wanted to do something with emeralds but affordable natural stones being flawed and not too pretty, I decided to explore synthetic emeralds. A web search found Gems n Gems so with help and advice from Sam over there, I ordered a 3 ct cushion cut emerald for an anniversary ring for my wife. Time was also short. Sam arranged for the stone, sent it to my jeweller in Cairo who fitted it to the ring I designed and sent it on to me. The stone is beautiful and the ring looks fantastic. I will now work with my jeweller to design a pair of earrings and a necklace to match the design of the ring which means I’ll order more stones from Gems n Gems. I’m highly impressed with the synthetic emerald and also with the excellent service.

–Steve – Dubai.

My wife is a jewelry junkie… she love high quality jewelry and has become somewhat of a mini-collector. We looked at some emerald rings and the prices are “high”, 30K to 40K, plus for a nice ring. Our 43rd anniversary is coming up and I wanted to surprise her, without getting a second mortgage. I came across GEMS N GEMS and did some research on lab created emeralds. They are remarkably similar to natural emeralds, even described as natural emeralds only lab created. I decided to purchase a 13mm x 13mm cushion cut lab emerald. This is what my jeweler said about it; “I love the checkerboard cut! The facets are amazing! The pictures don’t do it justice!” I am having a fantastic setting made for it that will make it shine like a “star”!!! I have already ordered a second stone for my next “surprise project”….

–John, United States

I start buying gems from GemsnGems at the end of last year with Hydrothermal Emeralds and I was very satisfied because the product I received were exactly as we expected: the quality of the faceting is good as like polishing and proportions.

Recently we ordered 2 Pulled Czochralski Blue Sapphires and the gems we receive are the same well faceted and polished with good proportions like the Emeralds we ordered before.Also, we find good quotations that allow us to start a new programs for synthetic gemstones in our country.

I would certainly recommend buying from GEMSnGEMS

–Marco from Italy

Gemsngems offered the best price I could find online for great quality lab made gemstones, with a wide selection of cuts, sizes and quantities. It’s already my third order with them and I have never been disappointed. The customer service is also very responsive and helpful”.

–Martin, USA

Sam and Gems N Gems Is great to work with, easy to communicate with, and great product!
Will be using in the future!

–Sam, USA

I never ever buy anything from the Internet and yet I ordered a precious stone over the Internet from another country, from a website/company that I have never ever even heard of. Also i didnt know anything about precious stones till a few days ago, so excuse me.

What I saw on that website was a man with a passion for this subject. The knowledge in it itself was like an encyclopedia and then I saw tidbits covered of exactly those things that could be the concerns of any new online buyer. No one can go to that extent of work if it was not genuine, so that concern was quickly over. The variety and extensiveness of the information, written in a personal style, that there were no errors any where, not even a spelling mistake was another tell tale sign. The rest of the time I spent in looking, appreciating and studying, learning about this amazing world and its beauties. Oh my God, how many colours there are and how many types of stones, produced from so many different substances and processes. Your place must be looking like a small hill of multicoloured stones. So much could be done with their combinations by those who like to do such things. Kudos.

I saw that you produce every type of thing that is mentioned even in science about state of the art manufacturing of artificial stones by various means. Even diamonds. I dont know, but are you the worlds largest manufacturer of such things ?

Congratulations! Its only when the card transaction went through that I saw a name behind all this and felt even more delighted. Then I read some testimonials and understood more about this man revealed in previous correspondence. I can see hard work and passion very well. I did it too, so. I know how much fun it is and that is why one does it. 🙂

I thought such a letter will make you happy.

Lastly and not most importantly, I ordered a blue sapphire, last night, of Trillion cut, the largest in size that you make, for my own need. Of the thousands of beautiful stones that you artificially create I am sure there are many specially good ones that attract your happiness in having produced it. I just want that you put one such good one in my box. Thank you.

-Abhijit Bhattacharjee, India

It was a great experience to work with Gemstones. My product has arrived sooner than I expected and no problems with the customs. The stones were just the right size and quality is astonishing. This is the first time I order stones online and I recommend you to go for it!!!! I absolutely enjoyed it and have no hesitation to order MORE!!! :)))

Divine Intervention, Turkey

After seeing a synthetic sapphire pendant a friend gave his wife I was intrigued. Through Gems N Gems I ordered 6 sapphires and 6 kunzites. Only  intended to get sapphires but the color of the kunzites was irresistible. The stones arrived a few days ago. They were perfect. I don’t think I’ll tell my friend how much they cost – why make him feel bad.

– Scott, USA