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Star Gemstones: A Sapphire With A Star!

Star gemstones is a  kind of gemstone which looks has a star on the outside. In a star sapphire gemstone, you can see a star-shaped shine that has special meanings and effects and the ones with the clearer star shine are more valuable. The property of reflecting the star-like structure on sapphire is called Asterism. It has been extracted from ancient times and is very precious. These gemstones come with heavy pricing because of its rare existence. The perfect or visible Asterism is often extracted by shaping and polishing the surface area.

Different star sapphires have a different effect on its wearer.

  • Star Sapphire brings cheer disposition to any situation. It also brings clarity and understanding into intentions.
  • Star Ruby is believed to give its wearer richness. Black star sapphire gets its golden hue from the presence of Hematite and its exhibits the qualities of grounding capability.
  • Black star sapphire helps a person from bullying and unreasonable anger from others, and protects against fear and intimidation. It also brings a calm strength in us, or the courage needed when it’s time to walk away

The value and worth of a Star Sapphire depend on its weight along with other factors such as body color, visibility and intensity of the Asterism. The Sapphires’ different colors are caused by various impurities such as beryllium, chromium, nickel, vanadium, titanium and iron. Sapphires also get some color and a shift in their weight by various methods of treatments. Heat-treatment and diffusion are such two treatments that are widely used in the gem-trade industry to enhance the properties of the sapphires.

Why are the Star Sapphires considered the best in the Gem Industry?

Healing properties- Each sapphire has different and unique properties, and each has different yet unique healing powers. It has the power to draw the right and positive energy and channelize it directly to you. Just as we get light, air and water. The sapphire empowers its wearer the energy and positivity and blocks the negativity and poor health and mind.

Calming effect- The sapphires often provide a cool and calming effect to its wearer. In the modern lifestyle, everyone lives on the edge and hardly catches a breath. Therefore, it is vital to understand the need of calmness in one’s life. The gemstone adds calmness and relives the anxiety and stress.

Strengthen concentration and increases analytical ability- The star sapphire is quite famous within its wearers as it increases the concentration power of the wearer and increases his or her analytical ability and improves the creativity of the wearer.

Keeps the evil away- The sapphires and gemstones are the protectors of its wearer. They ward off the evil and negative around its wearer.

The right Star Sapphire at the right place-

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