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Quartz synthetic

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The Gemstone Quartz And Its Usual Types And Benefits

What exactly is Quartz?

A mixture comprising the composition of silicon and oxygen gives rise to a mineral known as Quartz. There are several different varieties of Quartz where many of them are semi-precious stones. The abundance and variety of its colors produce different types of gemstones. There are several stones that are derived from Quartz, Citrine and Amethyst being the two most popular of them all. The reason behind the varied colors is the presence of quite a few impurities in them. These are specially created in the lab to look like precious stones.

The different types of synthetic quartz-

Varieties of synthetic quartz are used as gemstones. The different types of the same are denoted as follows:

1.    Smoky quartz:

The smoky quartz is a variety of that is smoky brown in color. You can see the color range varying from a light gray-ish brown to almost jet-black. It has garnered quite a lot of name in the recent few years, although it was never an important gemstone as such. Smoky quartz can at times be opaque even though almost always they are either transparent or translucent in spite of the dark shades.  It is quite affordable. Used mostly in earrings, rings and pendants, this stone was catapulted its way into the jewelry sector of the market.

2.    Rose quartz-

As the name suggests, Rose quartz has derived the name from the tinge of pale pink and the scarlet of a rose. The colors are due to the presence of iron or manganese as its constituents. This one is not transparent because of its hazy features. Due to this very reason, it never found a place as a proper gemstone in comparison to its other counterparts. It is quite affordable. Not being considered as a gemstone, as it has been created in the lab, does not really nullify all its benefits. It is often used in the form of beads for jewelry.

3.    Citrine-

Citrine is another form of Quartz. The colors that are found in it are yellow, reddish-brown or orange. They usually appear due to the heat-treatment of Smoky Quartz or Amethyst. The hot temperature determines the colors. If heated at a lower temperature, the color turns to a mild yellow. While heating to a higher temperature it takes the colors of a darker yellow or even reddish brown. The name has been gleaned from the citrus fruit. A stone with such diverse varieties of color can be used as centerpieces of rings, pendants and earrings. Sometimes they find a place in bracelets and neckpieces as well in the form of beads.

4.    Prasiolite-

A green form of a gem that denotes another variety of Quartz is the Prasiolite. The color that it possesses can be derived from the amount of heat it has been exposed to. It can also be termed as the Green Amethyst by some jewelers in the market. It saves you if you do not intend to spend a lump sum. It is extremely light and with a mild translucent green tone. If you happen to find one with a darker greenish tinge, know that it has been created artificially.

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