Natural Drusy Quartz


Druzy Gemstones

The appearance of glitter over the small stones producing glazing effect is the Druzy gemstones. Their names were derived from the name of rocks which is called as druse as well. The tiny particles are often looks like sugar crystal particles over the stone. These gemstones are made up of quartz.

People regard Druzy as a heavenly gemstone because it helps to achieve high level of intellectualness and brings wisdom to the wearer. Druzy is availability in different shapes and sizes. These are highly favourable in making jewellery rings and necklace as well. Druzy gemstones are not as expensive as the other gemstones and that is why they are very much likeable by people and widely used as well because it has such a glittery appearance and shades.

These are not as brittle as pearls but have hardness of about 6 because of which makes it suitable for jewellery. Druzy mystical powers helps in achieving higher wisdom and helps aiding stress level and brings peace to the person.


The druzy stones are widely found everywhere and often on the surface of the rocks that is combined with sodium agitate and quartz crystals to form the shiny appearance. In order to make vivid types of colours these are often dyed and made with the coating of titanium and vapour of other metallic substances. By the deposition of vapourized metallic substances these are coated in different colour.

Physical and Chemical properties

  • Colour :White, pink, green, orange, white.
  • Hardness :7
  • Diaphaneity :Double refractive
  • Refractive Index :54-1.55
  • Lustre :Vitreous to Metallic

Synthetic cure and Healing

The top Quality Druzy gemstone gives the person a ray of optimism and provides balance to the life giving the positive turnout in career and open up those blocked walls that contains inner power and self confidence. It channelizes the root chakras enabling to vanish out all the negative feelings and sense of insecurity and fear making the person imaginative and creative.

Due to the properties of salt, it is very useful for teeth and bones as well. Wearer will get sense of security and calmness and will not panic even in adverse situations. These are very beneficial in treatment of body ailments and curing the infections and makes reproductive system strong.

It provides calmness and cures the emotional level of the person and makes the spirit strong. Aids in curing the circulatory system of the body and purifies the blood as well. It helps in taking big decisions and courage overall making a strong personality.


  • Druzy gemstone is used to cure and heal chakras in making person balanced.
  • Druzy gemstone makes the immune system strong and helps in fighting infections and builds strong reproductive system.
  • Druzy gemstone will create lovely and a harmonious life.
  • With different colour stone different chakras can be healed like yellow for solar plexus, green for heart, orange for third eye chakra, white for the crown chakra, golden for sacral chakra.


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