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We have a very large selection of opals for sale in a variety of colors and shapes.

Synthetic opals are artificial opals commonly known as lab-created opal or man-made opals that have identical compound composition, bodily structure, atomic properties, and appearance as organic opals. You can find them online by name of lab-created opals, lab-grown opals, or cultured opals to indicate their man-made origin but they are not less than natural opals in terms of everything except price.

Synthetic opals can reflect a dramatic play-of-color display that oftentimes overshadows the excellence of many organic precious opals. They are available in a wide range of colors and patterns that can win anybody’s heart. At GemsNGems you can choose from a comprehensive range of opals for sale in an array of colors and patterns.

COLOR: Opal is translucent milky color


CUT: Baguette Cabochon, Heart Cabochon, Marquise Cabochon, Oval Cabochon, Pear Cabochon, Round Cabochon, Square Cabochon, Trillion Cabochon, Octagon Cabochon




BIRTHSTONE: Opal is the birthstone of October and brings abundance in the lives lives of Librans

UNUSUAL PROPERTIES: These lab-created and manufactured forms of opal result in stronger beads and stones, opening up creative options for jewelry makers. Opals are occasionally treated with soaking in waxes or synthetic lubricants to enhance luster and stability. Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity. It can bring inspiration to projects and to life and Spirit. Opal is an affectionate gemstone and exhibits the emotional and mental state of the wearer It enhances emotions and discharges restraints. Promotes both freedom and feeling of self-sufficiency to achieve great heights. Lab-created opal intensifies cosmic awareness and provokes psychic and healing mystical visions to heal emotional baggage along with this it stimulates innovation and creativity would wonderful in the case of artists and professionals involved in creative fields. It accommodates to release anger and helps to claim one’s self-worth, aiding in obtaining and declaring one’s true self. Lab-Created opal strengthens memory and encourages enthusiasm in the arts and culture. Wearing Opal brings commitment, faithfulness, and loyal, you can recommend to a loved one who is struggling in relationships.

TREATMENT: Man-made simulated opals are manufactured in two ways. Some opals are cut from opaline silica grown in a laboratory, taking over a year to grow and come into their colors. This slow growth results in a similar structure and material balance as natural precious opals, but with increased durability and structural stability. Gilson opals contain approximately 70-75% silica (similar to natural opal) within a trade secret base of translucent plastic or resin. Simulated opals do not contain water like natural opals do–making them less vulnerable to changes in temperature, humidity and heat.

USAGE: Earrings, bracelets, beads and any other jewellery

WHAT WE SUPPLY: Best quality Lab Created Opal in different cuts and sizes

All these prices are for Cabochon Shape. If you want facetted then please e-mail me and I will quote you the prices

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