Pulled Czochralski Pink Spinel

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Lab Created Gemstones -Pulled Tanzanite

Pulled Czochralski Pink Spinel – Lab Created Pink Spinel – Czochralski Pulled Pink Spinel

Spinel is one of the renowned hard minerals occurring in cubic symmetry, mixed oxides of aluminum and magnesium, purposely applied as gemstones in jewelry and medical industry. They come in different colours, red and pink dominating. Pulled pink spinel are generated by the flux in the laboratory at very high temperature due to which the gemstone induces the Pink colour. Lab created pulled pink spinel is one of the best selling lab created gemstones as it has a desirable, attractive appearance and an elegant crystal lattice.

Lab Synthesis

Mined spinel is cut in predetermined shapes and styles. Oval and cushion empirical shapes are most desired ways, so it’ll be split into these respective shapes. That means, sample shape design would be dependant on crude, rough weight

By using the method of spectroscopy the radiations are made to fall on the spinel due to which spectra of a temperature of liquid nitrogen cause the variance in colour and certain bandwidth is obtained and one of which is red-pink colour.

The standard cut stones adopt mixed-cut oval shapes, usually “7×5” mm and “6×4” mm sizes, suitable sizes for center stones in the ring-like appearance. Industrial, commercial quality spinel usually is cut into standard sizes for jewelry more often than conventional types.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  •    Chemical composition: Magnesium aluminum oxide (Iron oxides, other major components)
  •    Hardness: 8.1 Moh’s scale
  •    Refractive index: 1.720 – 1.736
  •    Specific gravity: 3.60

Synthetic uses and Healing

The aura gets purified and the enables the person to control the fatigue. It brings down the nervousness of the person and increases vitality. It gives the strength to find the ways to get out of depression syndrome. The person feels secure and stable as it heals the root and heart chakras of the body. It removes the sadness and depression from the person allowing to open the door for happiness.


  • In the medical industry;
  • Useful to people suffering chronic fatigue and conditions such as respiratory system inflammation and related infections.
  • Used as Talisman to transfer pleasure and affection of the giver to the subject individual for recognition.
  • In many European countries, valued as a remedy to restore peace in violence tormented atmosphere.
  • Given children as a gift noting who among relatives or friends, remember the affectionate love valued to the child.
  • It is effective in channelizing the kundalini energy effectively.
  • It creates the peaceful environment around the person and allows him to fight depression and stress.
  • A person becomes motivated towards its goal.
  • Develops the intellectualness within the person and opens the door of success.

The hydrothermal created pulled pink spinel is widely available in online gemstones store, though demand currently surpasses the overall supply. It’s a mega selection for industrial, commercial purposes as well as tuned to the domestic household application due to its unlimited health benefits.

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