Ruby Glass Gemstones

Ruby Glass Gemstones

Glass Stones – Glass Gemstones – Glass gems

In this section you will find prices for*glass gemstone**s*in all the
basic shapes like Round, Oval, Pear, Octagon, Square, Heart and
Marquise. We can supply glass stones in about 200 colors. If you are
looking for a cheap gemstone (even cheaper than CZ and Synthetic stones)
– then you should go for these*Glass gemstones*. They are very light in
weight and their hardness is 6-7.

Most of the colors in glass stones have same prices. We can also provide
glass crystals with foiled back. If you need anything that you do not
find here, please e-mail me at

Cubic Zirconia White Hearts & Arrows quality – Cubic Zirconia White Round Star cut.

Cubic zirconia White Hearts & arrows and color round is a style of cut used for round brilliant diamonds cut. One can measure optical symmetry by looking at the pattern and   measure physical symmetry through gem labs. When viewed from above using special viewer one can notice the patter of eight gray arrowhead in crown region and pattern of eight heart shapes in pavillion region.

The hearts and arrows cut is made by special cutting machine which when viewed under ideal scanner reveals eight arrows and eight hearts which assures that the Cubic Zirconia White Hearts & Arrows quality gem is a perfect cut

Cubic Zirconia White Round Star cut possess a lot of similarities as diamonds .Therefore is considered as a great affordable substitute for diamonds. Nobody can differentiate between CZ and diamonds ,the only difference between cubic zirconia and diamond is weight, CZ is about 60% heavier than diamond. Naked eye can easily fool CZ for a diamond.

PROPERTIES : Cubic Zirconia White Hearts & Arrows quality-

HARDNESS(Mohs’s Scale): 8.50
DENSITY : 5.65 – 5.95
REFRACTIVE INDEX : 2.088 – 2.176
DISPERSION : 0.058 – 0.066
Cubic Zirconia White Round Star cut which aligned with precision and carefully shaped facets when combined with optimum proportions produce an incredibly brilliant sight, called Eight Hearts and Eight Arrows Star Cut in CZ .  The hearts and arrows ideal cut is attractive to perfectionists loving best brilliance and fire.

Cubic zirconia Hearts and arrow brilliant cut which is available all colors generally used for white diamonds that are round and have breathtaking symmetry. These hearts and arrows are a must have for your jewellery . It works magically to draw attention to whatever item you decide to turn the spotlight on. They are the best to add shine to personality ,regardless of different fashion trends going around these will add glamour to you status.

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