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Blue Topaz CZ makes an ideal gem. A good hardness and desirable colors, combined with a relative abundance and availability, make blue cubic zirconia one of the most popular gemstones. The most commonly used colors of Topaz in jewelry are blue types. It was only in this past century that blue Topaz cubic zirconia became widespread on the gem market since virtually all blue Blue Cubic Zirconia is irradiated and heat treated.

Blue Topaz CZ does occur in nature but is rare and almost always lightly colored. Most, if not all, Blue Topaz is used in jewelry that has been irradiated and heat treated to create the blue color artificially. The original Blue Cubic Zirconia is colorless or lightly colored, and the radiation gives them deep sky-blue colors. In a few rare circumstances, some forms of Blue Topaz tend to fade in exposure to sunlight after extended periods slightly.

Moreover, Blue Cubic Zirconia is one of the most popular diamond simulants due to its transparency and incredible sparkle.  Blue Cubic Zirconia is a mineral, zirconium oxide, which is very rare in nature but also man-made.

The colorless Topaz is becoming increasingly popular as an inexpensive Diamond simulant. Gigantic gems and faceted spheres are cut from huge flawless crystals, making exquisite and exclusive collector items. Blue Topaz CZ is the traditional birthstone for November. Blue Topaz cz is used in jewelry, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. Blue cubic zirconia is available in various shapes and sizes that suit your jewelry designs. Contact us or visit us online store if you are in search of high quality blue cubic zirconia.

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