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Here’s Why You Should Natural Gemstones!

Natural gemstones are crystals of minerals that are rare and precious and are used for making several jewelry and other ornaments. There are some other organic materials, too, that are not minerals but are used for the same purpose. These gemstones are believed to have effects on the people who adorn them. Not many people believe in this, though there are hundreds of other people who got faith in these and got the desired results, as well. Most gemstones are hard but there are a few stones that are soft and have got aesthetic values as well. There are different gemstones for different birth months too. If you are willing to keep one for your own self, you can take a look at this post before taking the final plunge!

Gemstones come in different colors, designs and shapes. But it is believed that not all stones shall suit you. There are specific stones that you can wear according to your birth month that can have an effect on your life. They are considered to be your birthstone.

1. Gemstone: Garnet

Garnet means “deep red”. Considered to have beneficial sides to it, it is believed to accelerate the circulation of blood in our bodies and cures blood deficiency.     

2. Gemstone: Amethyst

It is considered to be the gemstone to possess powers to protect an individual from getting drunk, as believed back in ancient Greece. The deep purple tinge of an amethyst has been associated with royalty and it was known to adorn several crowns and brooches.

3. Gemstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a unique combination of the words comprising “aqua” which means “water” and “marine” meaning “sea”. This stone was worn by ancient sailors to give them good luck and ensure a safe voyage.

4. Gemstone: Diamond

Lucky are those people whose birthstone is supposed to be diamonds. Diamonds helps you lead a life of peace, prosperity and composure.

5. Gemstone: Emerald

Emerald is considered to bring luck to those born in May. Emerald itself has the power to upsurge the ability of self-reasoning and even spirituality.

6. Gemstone: Pearl or Alexandrite

If you are lucky you will have Pearl as your birthstone. Pearl is normally associated with calming effects. People with an unpredictable nature and anger are advised to sport pearl to help them calm down.

7. Gemstone: Ruby

Ruby is a very strong gemstone. It is said to have powers to improve eyesight and blood circulation.

8. Gemstone: Peridot

Peridot is for the babies of August. It is considered to have effects to improve eyesight, asthma, stomach liver.

9. Gemstone: Sapphire

It is the fastest working gemstone. It is considered to bring prosperity, good luck within a day of wearing it, to people whom it suits.

10. Gemstone: Topaz

It is helpful for people who are going through severe problems with their health. Topaz helps in curing diabetes, hypoglycemia, gallstones and nervousness.

However, there are various sites that sell fake stones as gemstones and rob people of all their money. If you are intending to get a gemstone for yourself or somebody else, do check out our website for we have trusted services to help you adorn the stones that suit you.



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