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Spinel- Find the distinctive look of the lab-created stones?

We think that spinel is the most undervalued one of all the known gemstones. Like other stones, spinel has high brilliance and luster. From pink and red to silver and violet, spinel is available in different ranges of color.

Now, let us introduce you with the synthetic spinel. The lab-created spinel is a very popular gemstone, used for the costume jewelries and rings. The synthetic spinel, designed in a flame-fusion method, is the low-priced choice to you. You can find a slightly higher refractive index in these stones.

Spinel with its unique properties

The word, spinel comes from the Greek term, spitha that means spark. The faceted spinel is highly scintillating and dispersive than rubies. That is why we believe that this has the potential to revitalize and rejuvenate your soul, mind and body. However, the fashion-friendly consumers also look for the spinel to create their own style.

Use the lab-created colorful spinel for your jewelries

Do you love the blue colored lab-created spinel? The flame-fusion spinel has high amount of manganese and fluoresce green. In some cases, you may also find much amount of cobalt in the synthetically created stones, and they come with red or pink fluoresce. However, the natural spinel has much amount of iron in the chemical composition.

The fabulous color varieties of spinel gemstone is for the presence of different trace elements. Chromium helps in forming the red color of spinel. Cobalt is intended for producing the blue shade of the stones. The higher percentage of color agent increases the level of saturation.

The synthetic spinel may have inclusion, and when you have bought this stone, you have to check it out closely. You can find patterned inclusions, looking like the fingerprints. Most of the spinel gemstones are round in shape. However, nowadays, the classic shapes are also available to the buyers.

Spinel is a very durable gemstone, used for the jewelries, and as per Mohs scale, its hardness level is 8. To make your rings beautiful, you may place this stone at the center. Use a brush and soapy water for cleaning this gemstone.

Have you seen black spinel?

The gem-set jewelries include the spinel of diverse colors. The black colored spinel is very common to the jewelries, designed for males and females.

The natural color of spinel is not black. However, you can find it in the synthetically designed stone. You may find the black spinel with octahedron shape. Some of us also use it as one of the healing gemstones. Under a very high temperature, the researchers create the black spinel. Lots of buyers mistakenly think the black tourmaline as the black spinel. Thus, choose this black spinel for your earrings, rings and necklace.

Buy spinel and use it for a variety of jewelries. It is a way of customizing your jewelries with different spinel stones. The synthetic spinel has its own beauty and sparkling look. Use the elegant stones to decorate your jewelries.



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