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Czochralski and hydrothermal technique – Best for designing the synthetic gemstones

We love wearing precious gemstones with our designer jewelries. The sparkling look of different colored gemstones enables us to reflect our style and personality. However, natural gemstones are too costly to us. Most of us cannot afford to buy them just for our fashion. Never be frustrated when you have a very tight budget. There is a good news for gemstone lovers. The synthetically produced gemstones are available at a lower price.

Do not think that these lab-created gems have no luster. However, when you look at these synthetically designed gemstones, you will not be able to differentiate them from the natural ones.

There are several other positive aspects of these synthetic gems. They are eco-friendly options to the users. The gem cutters also sacrifice much amount of synthetic component for creating gems perfectly. Today, lots of jewelry makers use these synthetic stones for designing the ornaments.

Now, we have talked about various synthetic processes of making the gemstones. One of the best and most reliable methods for creating gemstones is Czochralski.

Czochralski process- An innovative way of designing gemstones

We also call it as the crystal pulling process, since the designers obtain the big crystals of optical homogeneity and high purity. This process is applicable for deriving crystals of various semiconductors, synthetic stones and metals. Jan Czochralski, a Polish scientist, was first to invent this process. That is why we use the term, Czochralski technique.

The way of synthesizing gemstones with Czochralski technique

  • The designers melt the major source material
  • They use the seed crystal and a rotating rod for touching the melt.
  • Then, the molten material becomes solid, while the designers pull the seed from the melt.
  • The designers obtain the flawless product
  • It is easy to develop the crystals, having low melting points. However, for the crystals, having higher melting point, there is a need of shield for a control over heat loss.

When you are looking for the lab-created gemstones, you have various choices. Czochralski technique helps in creating synthetic ruby, sapphire, alexandrite and corundum.  These stones are also available in different colors.

Hydrothermal gemstones- How they are different

Hydrothermal method is another technique of producing gemstones with much amount of heat and pressure. Let us now tell you about the popular gemstones, deigned with this method.

Hydrothermal rubellite-

The beautiful pink colored rubellite imitates the look of the natural stones. This advanced and innovative hydrothermal process helps in retaining the bright color. Rubellite is one of the versatile stones, as it is useful for various jewelries.

Hydrothermal sapphire-

The synthetically created yellow sapphire has all the optical and physical properties, found in the natural versions. The length of most of these sapphires is 18 inches, while their diameter can be 2 inches.

Hydrothermal emeralds

The high quality, natural emeralds cost more than $40,000 per carat. Thus, you may buy these hydromel emeralds at a lower price.

Thus, Czochralski and hydrothermal processes are the best methods for creating the synthetic stones. Get the bright stones at a reasonable price.



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