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A November Birthstone: What does Topaz Stone Symbolize?

Topaz, also known as November Birthstone is a popular gemstone along with the world of ruby, diamond, and sapphires. Among one of the most versatile as well as stunning gems is the birthstone for November borns. There are a lot of interesting things to find out about this gemstone.

Where do they originate from?

Most of these gems are found in Brazil. Numerous places are in Asia- China, Japan, Afghanistan as well as Pakistan. Various other areas include parts of the United States, Mexico as well as parts of Africa. The only all-natural blue gemstones are located in England, Ireland, and Scotland.

November Birthstone Topaz

The month of November is owned by the Topaz. In November, Topaz Birthstone Jewelry is typically gifted symbolizing love and affection of the presenter. With a wide selection of shades to pick from, Topaz reveals your uniqueness. And if you actually want to surprise people, attempt a mystic fire topaz ring and jewelry.

Topaz Birthstone Jewelry

Known for its beauty, Topaz is a treasure, which can be found in a variety of designs and styles. Topaz birthstone rings provide numerous choices, as the rock itself has several variations with regard to hues and shades. The gold yellow-orange type of this gem is referred to as a royal topaz, and according to the Mineral and the Gems Kingdom, it is one of the most useful types of topaz on today’s jewelry market.

Whether a birthday gift or engagement ring, the Topaz ring makes an extremely stunning gift option for any type of event.  There are color variations with this stone than almost any other treasure; this is a pattern that will probably stay in the future. Just recently, Topaz rings have actually concerned the forefront as a choice for those seeking a non-traditional engagement ring. They can be paired with accent stones or diamonds to produce one-of-a-kind and a sophisticated piece of precious jewelry.

Diversified Choices & Varieties of Topaz

These gems are available in several shades and can be cut in a range of lovely ways. The most usual colors are possibly blue and yellow. Nevertheless, few appeared of the ground naturally tinted. The only natural blue mines are located in England, Ireland as well as Scotland. Normally, white gemstones are made use of to acquire blue stones by the process of heating. They are actually subjected to radiation and heated to establish the shade. So, if you locate an all-natural blue topaz and diamond necklace, you will certainly pay a pretty penny as it is very rare.

Blue Topaz is one variant of topaz that flaunts three below categories: Swiss blue, sky blue, and London blue topaz. Swiss blue is the lightest of these colors, while London blue flaunts a darker, richer shade. Blue topaz has a tendency to be a bit cheaper than the classic yellow-orange variant; however, it is equally as attractive. Blue Topaz is artificially created as well as naturally found too. Though, the naturally found are very rare and expensive.

Mystic Topaz, also called the Caribbean or Alaskan Topaz is a multicolored kind of this treasure, which includes a kaleidoscope of shade and reflects light. Mystic topaz is the result of a unique process that gives a rainbow-like layer that has the appearance of a mix of nautical and earthy shades.

Because of a lot of interesting variants of this beautiful November Birthstone, many individuals can certainly buy one variant annually to have a topaz birthstone ring in each variation.

How to look after your gemstones?

November Birthstone Topaz ranks 8 on the Moh scale of solidity which suggests that it is long-lasting. However, everyday wear is great for your precious jewelry with little care. Typical cleaning at your regional jeweler is fine. In your home, you can soak it in warm soapy water and afterward wipe with a soft cloth.

Background & Lore

Topaz gemstones are associated with many historical and ancient beliefs. It is believed that, if you are worried about being poisoned, a topaz ring is supposed to assist you to spot the lethal substance. It is likewise believed to safeguard you from sudden death. They do not just defend you from adversaries, but likewise signify success, charm as well as elegance.

The biggest cut stone; almost 23,000 carats is located at The Smithsonian, Washington D.C. There are several various other large cut stones on display as well. There are 1680 carat gemstones under the Portuguese crown and is kept in Dresden, Germany.

Color and cut is an individual choice and this gem provides you a range of selections. Whether you were born in November or otherwise, you can locate a stone; a gleaming mystic fire topaz ring or a smooth yellow topaz ring that fits your purpose and individuality.

Gems N Gems offer a wide range of Topaz Birthstone Jewelry to gift to your loved ones. You can find a number of Topaz gemstones in different hues and shades like Blue, Mystic, Orangish-Yellow, and more. Topaz birthstone month which is November was long taught to have many benefits. Topaz stone symbolizes fire, love, and affection. According to the beliefs of the ancient Greeks, the Topaz stone increases the strength and intellect of its wearer. Check out to know more about topaz birthstone. For customization, you can send us your specifications, and we will assist you with the best. E-mail us on and we shall respond to you within 24 hours.

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A Jewelry Lover’s Guide to Topaz Birthstone

Topaz in its natural form is yellowish-brown in color, which is a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine. It is seldom confused with citrine. It is a striking piece for all jewelry lovers and is associated with luxury, generosity, and vibrancy. This post digs deep into Topaz, its features, and benefits to November borns (Topaz Birthstone Month).

Topaz is one of the most popular gemstones today along with the ruby, diamond, and sapphire. It is readily available in a wide array of colors, however, the golden orange-brownish-yellow topaz, additionally known as the Imperial Topaz, is one of the most expensive shades of all.

Historical Significance

Topaz Birthstone Jewelry is for people born in November. The original color crystal symbolizes the birthstone of November. Though, Blue Topaz is for December borns, while the traditional birthstone for December is the Blue Zircon. Topaz can be created in a variety of hues and is associated with brightening darkness and attracting wealth.

Using Topaz goes back to 2000 years back. Among the gemstones that create the structures of the twelve gateways to the city of Jerusalem is the Topaz. The usage topaz in some old people represents appeal as well as natural beauty.

Shades of Topaz

Pure topaz is clear crystal, yet is normally tarnished with some impurities. A common topaz mineral color is yellow. They can likewise be grey, white, blue, green and other shades relying on the amount of impurities present.

The usual ranges of topaz gems out there today are haven Topaz, Brown Topaz, Green Topaz, and Pink Topaz. Normally pink topaz is very unusual and the pinkest topaz commercially marketed is heated and dealt with from yellow or brown rock.

A new fad in Topaz Birthstone Jewelry is making use of rainbow-like shades. The procedure is done by using a slim layer of titanium oxide on the stone through vapor deposition. The last result is them marketed as ‘Mystic Topaz’.

Various other names for certain types of Topaz are Imperial Topaz, Sherry Topaz, Silver Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz as well as Paraiba Topaz.

Care for Topaz

Putting the topaz near high temperatures like near a heating system or inside a hot automobile can produce a flaw in the rock. Cleaning with ultrasonic cleansers can additionally create a defect in the stone. It is best to clean the topaz with normal or cold water and soap.

Varieties of Topaz

When you think of topaz, you most likely visualize the gorgeous orangish-yellow colored Topaz Birthstone for November, which has actually become a hallmark for this particular semi-precious gemstone.

Blue Topaz is an unusual incident in nature. Pure topaz is, in fact, feeble, which is why many individuals searching for a choice to diamonds frequently opt for the colorless or natural topaz. The stone is available in various tones, though.

Mystic Topaz

If you have actually ever seen a Mystic Topaz, also known as Mystic Fire Topaz, possibilities are you had no idea it was a topaz. It is known for its rainbow result coloring. Comparable to haven topaz, this coloring does not happen naturally. The Mystic Topaz is an improved variation of the white topaz that is brushed with a thin layer of titanium. The cover is used thinly, and when done correctly, it alters the white topaz’s natural refraction, with the end result being a stunning rainbow-tinted crystal.

Blues, greens, and yellows are the primaries refracted, and it usually has an iridescent result too. Although the gems have expanded in popularity, the Mystic Topaz is, in fact, quite cost-effective. The Mystic Topaz has ended up being a prominent one-of-a-kind engagement ring for a selection of factors including its inexpensive price point, and the fact that it is a great alternative to the diamond sector.

Colorless Topaz

In its natural, without treatment state; topaz is in fact feeble. As a result of its fire as well as radiance, the colorless Topaz can usually be confused for a diamond to the unaware eye. Because it is a semi-precious rock, it is very budget-friendly and is readily available in the abundance in the retail market. The only issue related to the colorless Topaz is; it is likely required to have polished regularly. Considering this, there are far better choices to colorless Topaz including white sapphire and zircon.

Blue Topaz

The light blue topaz is a prevalent shade in today’s market. As this shade is reliable, a lot of people can afford to buy them. This is one of the reasons why individuals have constantly connected topaz with this color. Although blue topaz takes place in nature, the majority of haven topaz today are treated with irradiation as well as heated to turn blue. The most common blue topaz ranges are the Swiss Blue, London Blue, and Sky Blue.

Like several other valuable and semi-precious gemstones, Topaz can be found in a wide variety of other colors including white (colorless), orange, yellow and brown. It is generally an affordable gemstone that creates lovely engagement rings & valentines and gift ideas.

Note: Only get topaz from a trustworthy dealership. GemsNGems offer an extensive range of gemstones from different origin, shapes, and colors, specially curated with your specifications. We are a reliable source online to get hold of Topaz Birthstone Jewelry and other birthstone ornaments. Send us an email on for more information.

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